Your Destiny is a Moving Target

Your Destiny is a moving target. Not something written in stone far in the distance but rather something subtle and powerful you are moving towards with every thought word and deed each day. If you plan to have a destiny filled with abundance you must focus on what this means for you.

For myself true abundance is the freedom to enjoy the sacred places of the earth.

The freedom to speak to strangers and call them friend in a heart beat. The power to navigate the earth in a healing way being of true service to myself and all those I touch in all fields of my creativity and self expression. Your destiny is a moving target and it depends on your level of courage and self worth. These are the areas to address as you create a future of joyful abundance and compassionate service. Blessings from Holland S xx

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One Response to Your Destiny is a Moving Target

  1. Ziva says:

    Hello, my name is Ziva and I’m writing to you from Toronto, Canada. When I read your blog it related to me in a very strong and meaningful way because I’m in a process of making a big decision but I feel somewhat guilty because it’s involving people that are very dear to me and in my life

    Thank you for sharing

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