What is a weapon?

A weapon is a tool you put in the service of your defense. What do you need to defend yourself from in this day and age? In a purely physical and tangible way my art and jewelry creates an energy field around the wearer of peace and tranquility.

Like a filtering system.
At the same time they attract positive attention. Very few things in life are as motivating to the spirit as receiving positive attention on a regular basis, that’s what happens when you wear or use one of my works of art. They are activated in a very special way to be in full support of the higher purpose of the wearer.

The pieces have this effect for a number of reasons:
The first is because they are designed and made in Sacred Space. All my staff meditate and clear their energy for an hour each morning, insuring the energy surrounding the pieces is always clear and clean.

The second is:
No matter what size, from small to large and even ‘over the top’ (although often with intricate and sometimes asymmetrical elements), the balance and power of each piece is to the “Shankari virgin”, a shock to their system to witness. To wear such a powerful work of art indicates that you have an eye for beauty and the personal power to select and wear an activated “weapon of light”

This brings me to the third reason:
Their  magnetic quality is undeniable. People are magnetically drawn to you and you meet your
soul family through the natural process of ‘Divine Right Order’ The fourth reason: Each piece is made more potent through the use of sacred geometry. That means the mineral frequencies, colors, weights and shapes of the gem stones in combination with the architecture described within the metal create an alchemic resonance that develops a specific alignment with the energy of the wearer.

My pieces stimulate the ancient ‘soul knowing’ within the viewer and the wearer. At the same time but in different ways, specific to themselves and their own evolution. I have designed jewelry and Sacred Objects prolifically over the last twenty years. The gift for me was to see myself evolve through my work.

To be creative is my life’s blood.

I am excited about the future and the new desire within everyone of you to find the truth and genuine value in the small real things in life. I make small ‘real, Weapons of Light in service to your protection and your evolution. Once you start wearing one of my pieces you will feel the exchange of energy between you and the piece as you begin the bonding process. I receive the gift of many stories from my clients on the remarkable synchronicities, healings and happy endings provided through working with the energy of the piece.

I prefer to teach by example. I get up each day and decide to make a positive difference with my life force… to support the evolution of the light workers of the earth by providing you with genuine Talismans of Power in service to your highest good and the highest good of all those around you.

May it be so!

The Equinox heralds the end of a mini-era… there are two equinox in one year. The March equinox celebrates the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere the first day of autumn.

The Equinox celebrates the moment when the day is exactly the same length as the night. It is a balance point of stillness. During this astronomical time the veils between dimensions are easily penetrated for the purpose of healing and evolutionary transformation. Celebrate this opportunity and bring your higher self in to guide you on your true evolutionary path.

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