Walk Tall…

Have you ever noticed how most people walk with their head in front of their bodies?

Do you know how much extra work this is every day? All those muscles have to strain and stress to hold your head in that position. It is exhausting!

Most people go head first through life because they believe their mind is their greatest resource and they need to have it ‘out front’.
But what happens is with the head first attitude the body and spirit are left behind.

Take a moment as you step out into your day to hold your head over your shoulders and walk with your spine straight and tall. As you embody this level of grace in your physical body your experience of life follows in the same manner.

Balanced, present and powerful because all your bodies have aligned with this simple action. You are powerful, because you have aligned with Divine Right Order and are slipping into a new frequency of being.

To walk with your head high and your heart open is the most courageous thing you can do. In this position you will discover great support from the universe, you are designed to succeed with grace….. Walk Tall….
Blessings from Hawaii Shankari xx

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