Valentine’s Day…14th of February 2013

Title: Valentine’s Day…14th of February 2013
Location: Shankaris Bali retreat
Date: 2013-02-14

The first since Solstice 2012

Your kindness, is evidence we have begun our love affair with life itself, in a new and exciting way! Love affairs are the domain of Valentino……

On this auspicious day annually, we engage in personal expressions of loving, lusting, lusciousness so no matter who we are we all feel more alive!

This year the numerology of the day is a 4 vibration which means we can expect some conservatism…..or if you like, consolidation. Family love, community love….spiritual love…

Who do you love? Why do you love them? How can you show them? I encourage everyone I know to let their love shine bright on this day….. a day we used to have winners and losers……Now we have the freedom to make everyone a winner….Because we can!

I cant ever remember feeling particularly loved as a child, but I also don’t remember ever feeling vulnerable or afraid of my world… because my parents loved me the best way they could… coming from a place of very little love themselves from their own families… neither my mother or my father experienced the benefits of a loving, present, father themselves…. So how did they hope to create that for myself and my siblings? My father was not going to make my mother his valentine…. It was up to me! I figured this out when I was very young…. So after I left Australia I had to make more of an effort…

Every Valentines Day from when I first arrived in Bali in 1987 until my mothers passing in 2004, where ever I was in the world, I would call her up and let her know her gift was in the mail for Valentines Day (usually a heart crystal necklace, in the end she had a big collection of these light filled tokens of distant love from a black sheep of a daughter! )… It was a small token of my enduring love and appreciation for her presence in the world….. I know it made a difference to her sense of self, prolonging her good health and cheery disposition well into her eighties.

Try it and see! To make your mum your Valentine (or one of your valentines) is to invest in her good health and well being for the rest of the year! … it is as simple as that….

I am very excited by the new energies that are pouring into the planet at the moment. Freedom, fun, laughter, happiness and most especially kindness…. Our willingness for Kindness is evidence, we have begun our love affair with life itself… the word kind refers to humans such as Kindred spirit… kindergarten…. The place for the young people…. To be ‘kind’ is to be human and to take care of each other…… to be ‘kin’ is to be a blood relation in the slang of the US Southern States.

To be a Valentine is to participate in the exchange of tokens of love and caring… and what better way to do that than to share! What are we sharing? The powerful work that brings us closer together…. The magic of crystals with their power to heal the heart and bring joy. To expand the energy of love and celebration globally… join me in the spreading of loving lightness… everyone who purchases a piece of Talismans of Power Jewelry from now until Valentine’s Day will receive a free gift from me…. The remarkable CD by Isis called Effortless Right Action…. You will be transformed by her music and connected in at the core of our revolution for kindness!

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