Valentines Day

Valentines Day is fast approaching! A whole Day of feeling special for those who have some one to love and appreciate them. Valentine’s Day is in fact dedicated to appreciating your loved ones…  I have always loved the opportunity to be appreciated, don’t you?

On Valentines Day, it’s a perfect time to show your appreciation of yourself! Loving yourself,  honoring yourself, treating yourself with respect in all areas of your life takes courage, emotional discipline and clear intent !

As you move into the challenging energies of 2012, Solar Flares, Earth Quakes, the proximity of Jupiter… I could go on… in this wild energy of change and challenge equip yourself well!

Take the opportunity this Valentine’s Day to purchase a piece of Shankari’s jewelry in Sterling Silver and Gemstones.  Created in Sacred Space, Shankari’s designs are dedicated to your protection and evolution.

Timeless and empowering to the spirit, each of her designs has a different vibration, she has many unique ideas and has left her mark on Jewelry design globally….. All her works are limited edition… many unique to themselves…..

Perhaps select a pendant in Blue Topaz Gemstone to support you in your intention to release the fear of moving forward we all share and activate your ability to manifest your hearts desire! Or perhaps, a piece featuring Amethyst Gemstone, to heal your heart around the feminine and reactivate your ability to nurture yourself….

Gemstones have great power to bring balance, healing and protection on many levels…. If not, why did all the Kings, Queens and Princes throughout time wear them? ……………..For the authority and protection provided by them!  Loving yourself can come in many forms….. Shankari Jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate Valentines Day with grace and elegance… honoring the Goddess within you, re-activating your wonderful creative spirit…. Appreciating yourself and all you do every day in service to the good care and balance of the world around you.

This Valentine’s Day, take advantage of the offer Shankari is making to support the women of the world through having access to truly empowering jewelry…  she is offering a 20% discount on all her Original Design Gemstone Pendants until Feb 12, 2012… this is her gift to you…. May we all feel loved and appreciated often!

…………Enjoy the journey… Wearing a Shankari gemstone pendant can change your frequency, attracting a new energy into your life… one of more appreciation and love… The Divine Mother loves all Her daughters dearly She uses Shankari’s skills in the third dimension to share that love with the world…. Happy Valentines Day from Shankari the Alchemist and the team at Talismans of Power; Bali, Hawaii, Japan and Australia!

Shankari appreciates you very much…. We are all one.. one global ‘family of light’, as we appreciate ourselves it’s easy to appreciate others… let the love loose…. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY SISTERS!

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