Time Will Tell

To all my friends and family in Japan, I am sending you light and unconditional love during this time of global change and internal chaos.

Remember, life is a series of challenging curve balls, thrown by the Divine Mother to keep us alive and growing. Growing into out true potential as wise beings in care of the earth, her people and resources.

I know it’s hard to contemplate however, consider for a moment the way this new course of events has set you free to live to your true potential… as we all know… “time will tell” if things are moving in a positive direction or a negative one…

“Time will tell”… if this series of events is long term a blessing or a curse…. There is a good reason for why Japan holds the position of being the only country in Asia that can boast ‘first world’ status…

This means today there are better schools, hospitals, health care, more law and order, industry and wealth in Japan than anywhere else in all of Asia because it survived the worst thing that could ever happen to a country…!

Japan has already survived the unthinkable… this new challenge is simply the beginning of new thought, new freedoms and an unlimited potential for “change for the best”… the wonderful people of Japan deserve the best and I feel sure the all pervading energy of ‘the great mother of Japan’ Himiko… is doing a fine job, in loving service to the evolution of the common people of Japan… to become the true leaders of change within their own communities and families…

Change is hard to start and even more difficult to stop once it has started to gather momentum….. what greater change is there than the feeling of “the earth moving beneath our feet! “

In loving lightness… S x

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