The Portal Ritual

The purpose of learning and practicing The Portal Ritual is freedom… freedom more subtle than you can understand until you are there….

Through breath and focused intent, the practice of The Portal ritual will open a new gateway of energy within yourself. Allowing greater power and balance in your life, providing more freedom at every level.

The Portal into the next dimension is easily accessed, however you must have the energetic integrity to handle this amount of energy… this is why we teach the Rituals in this order….

  1. The Blue Fire Ritual
  2. The Portal Ritual
  3. The Activation Ritual

Ritual is a powerful tool, used throughout the ages by all cultures.

The purpose and function of ritual and initiation is to bypass the conscious mind. The conscious mind, analyses and controls, filters and judges events and people surrounding us constantly… it keeps us so earth-bound and limited in our thinking of who we are and what we have the power to do!  Through the practice of these new Rituals of Galactic Magic we are evolving into multidimensional Beings… super humans of the future…

The Portal Ritual builds strength and integrity in all five of your bodies, mental, physical, emotional, personality and soul body.

Through the practice of the Portal Ritual combined with The Blue Fire Ritual…. you are awakening your whole potential as a human being while building strength in your New Light Body.

This class is only available to previous students of The Blue Fire Ritual.

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