The Joy in Creativity

As a child I wanted to ‘dress up’ and ‘perform’… I loved fancy dress parties and any excuse to dance was somehow a wicked celebration!

Suburban Sydney, post WWII, I was a small child, born in 1951. There was no such thing as culture, my community was very small; just my parents, who didn’t speak to each other; a lot of combat damaged veterans and their families and the pig farms down the road.

In my late forties on a visit to my home in Sydney, my mother surprised me by recounting that as a small child, every time we went to town, I would spend the whole bus ride entertaining the passengers by singing and dancing, “with great enthusiasm”.

I have absolutely no memory of doing this!

Perhaps I had good reason to block it out. Probably lots of judgment and disapproval, from all directions. Children had no place to put their joy in those days; we were made to feel guilty for surviving!

I have an ambition. To re-activate dance and theater in every culture. Giving the children the chance to shine in a very personal way, in the process. I am aiming at building dance schools across the globe. There is no age determination.  Everyone can join in and enjoy the process of cross-cultural celebration, through the arts; everyone is welcome!

In Hawaii, Bali, Japan and Australia, things are happening that will amaze and astound you; the dance in the Garden of Life has a new rhythm: The rhythm of the new calendar, the rhythm of the 7th Ray.

I will explain; we have come from the energy field of the 6th Ray, recently entering the energy field of the 7th Ray. This is the Ray of equality and ultimate freedom. (A ‘Ray’ is a stream of intergalactic energy aimed at the earth from the heart of the galaxy, the Rays qualify the energy we are dealing with on a global basis.

The energy signature of the 6th Ray could be described as a pyramid. Within this structure there is always someone at the top and layers of people with less and less power underneath them.

This describes humanities relationship with blame; it’s always someone else’s fault or responsibility when things go wrong! Consequently all the wealth/reward is held by those toward the top with most power. In this reality everyone is constantly measuring themselves against each other; we end up feeling “different” or “not good enough”, an outsider.

I am Shankari the Alchemist and I want to bring back the dance; to everyone who wants to move their feet and swing their arms. Healthy humans, love to dance and sing, it’s in our soul knowing. Come to Bali in November and become part of the celebration, learn personal Ritual Magic with me and Hula dancing with Sammi Fo from Big Island Hawaii! Join our Balinese Hula Halau and celebrate all the Pacific Islands and their spectacular natural beauty through dance.

In Bali we have over sixty children in our traditional dance school and more joining every week! I am sponsoring the resurrection of Balinese dance and theater in Tabanan area North West Bali, on the 28th November this year we will be performing for the Birthday of our city, Tabanan; Hula and Balinese Dance, cross pollination of the arts is the surest way to build bridges of peace between nations.

I believe the average person globally just wants a chance to raise their children in peace and grow healthy and happy as a family within a productive life of contribution.

As we become involved in the arts, great joy and happiness will descend upon us! I find my own inner child is healed in some new way every time I dance myself or watch these little ones discover dance for themselves.

Come and join myself and Sammi Fo in Bali for one or more of the “Rhythms of Life” workshops we are offering in November. Become activated in a completely new way, heal your inner child and celebrate your potential for becoming a light worker to the world of darkness!

This is a pure fun and healing event, designed to awaken a new place of joy within your Beingness.  Come and help me rock the world with love for dance and inspire the children to become all they can be!

Blazing tales of wonder, your sister through chaos and comfort, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…
Blessings from Shankari the Alchemist xxxx

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