The Danger of Self Pity..!

Shankari and a Singing StoneSelf Pity ….. There is no more dangerous material on Earth! If you want success in your life. You must be prepared to surrender the need for self pity and move into the energy of the hero!

You may wish to perceive this in terms of the victim or the victor! The victor experiences victory over the challenges they face for as long as they do not indulge themselves in self pity!


Self pity is the food of the victim!

My mother was deaf and as an outcome she approached her life in a more philosophical way than most women of her times. She constantly reminded us that God would not give anyone a job they couldn’t do if they really tried their best.

I believe she had a difficult life and as a result of her personal experience she brought a great deal of authority to our experience of life. She always said to us….. “All care will be shown but no sympathy!”

Sympathy is for wimps that want to be reminded of their weakness….. Instead you should show compassion which is the belief in their ability to overcome and succeed against the odds!
There is no more time for self pity. There is only time for action!

Action is the solution to self pity!

Taking action in service to your success and in celebration of your unique gifts for the world.

Go and do it now! Yes Yes Yes!

Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become. S xxx

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