The Boogieman

As a child I was not afraid. I was adventurous and excited about everything. I felt anything was possible.
I have lived a chaotic life with a sense of internal order. This was provided by my deep sense of moral responsibility and social integrity taught to me by my parents’ attitudes and actions.

In this world that seems to be manipulated far beyond our control, where currencies rock to and fro and international capitalism is taking over from government control worldwide I ponder what happened? How did KBR,  Halliburton and Enron take so much from the middle class of the most wealthy, apparently highly educated, most advanced culture in the world? If they can destroy the lives of millions of hardworking, honorable citizens of their own country, just imagine what they are capable of doing to the rest of the world? (and indeed have already done)

Today I feel paralyzed! I need more than a cup of tea…I have to concentrate on my breathing just to stay focused on the task at hand.

Tomorrow I am sure I will feel better.
But today I feel overwhelmed by the world reality. I have come face to face with the boogie man of my childhood’s recurring dreams!
The big, dark, amorphous, unknowable quantity that threatens the life of my loved ones by their very presence…the vague feeling of a predator circling the house, planning their forced entry.
In my childhood dream, the Boogie man was slowly walking up the back steps, I was the only one awake and aware of the danger…I had to get these big heavy glass sliding doors closed before he came to the top step… the job was hard because the door was heavy and the tracks were full of sand…as they were in real life!

I always woke up from panic before I could get the sliding doors closed.
My adrenalin would finally wake me to my darkened bedroom and the knowledge of my parents presence. All was well. I could go back to sleep my family was safe.
My family is much bigger now, I have five children of my own, not simply my parents and my two siblings to save! My kids have five between them. I have over a hundred staff and many of these have worked for me for nearly two decades. I feel as if they are all my family and their families are my extended responsibility. There are the suppliers and their families, the distributors and their families; the broader base of individuals I touch by proxy through my work, which takes many forms in many different countries. All of whom I love for their willingness to choose personal evolution and live a rich, full life. This is my current global family.

To close the door on the Boogie man has become a much larger task, a more overwhelming responsibility…I wish I could wake from this dream and discover my darkened bedroom and my parents’ silent reassurance in the stillness of a suburban Sydney night.

The Super Class are running the world.  They always did, but now we get to be spectators to the destruction of the world as we knew it. In the past we were only ignorant pawns, now we are informed yet still powerless. Or are we?

The only sure thing is change!
Let’s make that change serve the majority of the world’s population, not the 6,000 or so who are indeed the ruling caste of the business called ‘planet earth’.
And please let’s get one thing really clear, we are not saving the Earth, we are saving ourselves and our children from “Idiocracy!” (Rent the movie if you haven’t already seen it! It stars Luke Wilson). It is far bigger and deeper than we care to think and we are the only chance for change. Can we do it?

I saw ‘Battle in Seattle” last night, set in 1999 about the WTO demonstrations. (World Trade Organization, where profit is put before people on a constant basis!) This movie was an education and gives me context… for the evolution over the last nine years…

I remember 1999 very well, it was the year they finally had “free” elections in Indonesia, and because the favorite candidate was somehow not elected the people blocked all the roads into Bali, until the government acquiesced and made Mega Wati the Vice President!
They have been fixing elections since the beginning of time! Looking back I can see the trends globally of what has occurred. Through Desert Storm in ’91, the internet became a tool for the average person — every person across the globe had the opportunity to be connected…that really was the death knell of the world as we knew it! Oil wars and CNN providing war entertainment/education/bad news 24/7 began at the same time.

What sort of difference does it make to the global elite to have an educated, empowered, middle class?  They can’t get away with as much any more! So what’s the best thing to do?
Pull the rug out from under them, that righteous middle class! Let them go back to worrying about survival, let’s see how much free time they will have to research our activities then!

Through chaos and comfort,
remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…
Your sister Shankari the Alchemist

p.s. Comments please…

5 thoughts on “The Boogieman”

  1. Thanks Shankari-
    Great to see the feeling of unity growing as the pressure is building on the PTB to divide and rule. I do believe their tactics are backfiring…thanks to the internet and our collective awakening this game is not turning out as it was planned. Now we just have to foster this deep integrity and understand our collective power. Forums like this are the clear light that expose the boogieman as just a passing shadow in the mirror.
    In Lak’ech
    Lela Bear

  2. Greetings from Canada,
    Beloved Shankari,
    Know that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”
    As you are aware we are in the fifth night and entering the sixth day Nov 28th,2008. Many changes still to come but all in Devine order.
    Thinking and loving you in Spirit
    Please send my love to family in Bali.

  3. Thank you Shankari –
    Your words reflect my exact feelings in this moment of world economic consciousness. I use the same example of that movie too; the danger of people not waking up and wanting to live in ignorance. A cup of tea and breathing in the god consciousness is the first step for us all. Next step is action (with warrior-style love).

  4. you have had a special place in my heart ever since i met you at celestine gift and books in pennsylvania many years ago…you spoke what my heart has been feeling for so long in your letter today. i have no comment at this time , just wanted to respond and tell you i send my love,cynthia

  5. What we are now witnessing, I believe, is the ending of a dynasty of potentially cosmic proportions. Their worst fears (their meaning the global elite)are manifesting right before their eyes because Hekau (magick) is pouring forth from those they would attempt to destroy as we are awakening to our own majesty, grace and power. My meditations have assured me that overall we are in transformation–we can go kicking and screaming in fear or wide awake making the best decisions for ourselves, our communities, and ultimately aligning with Maat. I feel Sheps Ancestors are pleased and are returning! I feel good about being a planetary citizen and keep my head to the sky and my feet firmly planted on Geb. Peace, Liaya

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