The Benefits of Practicing The Blue Fire Breath

Here are 9 Benefits to the practice of the Blue Fire Breath;

1. Releases Fear:

From the body allowing the Kidneys and the Adrenal System to strengthen and heal deep wounds, especially those from childhood.

2. Releases Grief:

Brings healing to the Lungs and Bronchial System where we store all our unresolved grief… Each time you take those 24 breaths you are peeling away a layer of grief that is dulling your capacity to experience joy. It also helps with Asthma, Emphysema and all congestion and conditions of the lungs.

3. Releases Rage

Breathing the Blue Fire Breath will bring great power into your physical body, intellectual mind (more oxygen to the brain makes you smarter!) and spirit….  through practicing this breathing technique all feelings of victimization and powerlessness can fall away. These are the two energies that over time congeal anger into rage. Rage ravages the body. Give it up! Choose to become outrageous and make joy your only intent.

Out-rageous is like ex-centric… fringe dwellers… magicians and shamans, priests and monks of all descriptions…

4. More Attention from the Opposite Sex!:

Connecting to the furthest star and the center of the earth on a regular basis gives you a strong grounded quality that will make you magnetic to all good things… especially (If that’s what you are looking for) the opposite sex. As we all know, there is nothing more seductive or alluring than personal power! Personal Power is sexy!

Why else would dumb, ugly pop stars have so many beautiful groupies?

As you build your internal strength and power the world around you will appear to change and become more approving… try it and see!

5. Makes You Better at What You Do:

Practicing The Blue Fire Breath heals your emotional wounds and strengthens your feeling body allowing you to become better at whatever you do, whether to earn a living or when engaged in sport.

Even before the final details and initiation….  Breathing brings balance and strength into your day to day experience, protecting you from the global plague of emotional overwhelm, produced by the constant certainty we face of our own impotence in an uncaring world. Breathing makes a difference!

6. More Opportunities:

When you begin to hold more energy and more balance through practicing The Blue Fire Breath opportunities will fall into your path. The God Force is waiting for you to get it together. You are designed by the God Force to survive and prosper! What happened?

Get ready to be paid well for your work!

Start by working on your breath then move onto your posture, next thing you know, you will have become a Conduit of Light and make a difference to the balance of the earth herself!

7. (Women Only) Makes Women More Fertile:

Breathing with the Blue Fire Breath will change your biochemistry and make you more alive in every cell… be careful not to fall pregnant accidentally… The God Force is no doubt looking for women of power to become the mothers of the future!

8. Fun and Youthfulness:

As your health and well being improves with every cycle of breathing the Blue Fire Breath, you will feel yourself becoming younger and with this comes the permission you have been waiting for to HAVE MORE FUN, with good health comes opportunities for fun and youthful expression…

9. Releases Feelings of Guilt and Regret:

Breathing the Blue Fire Breath empowers your sense of self. It allows you to give up feeling guilty and become of service to the earth. It’s up to all of us in the end to forgive ourselves and each other for everything… We are the only ones that can save us…. We must be willing to have fun and forgive… Guilt and Regret are like a poison in your system and Blue fire Breathing will wash you clean on the inside!


I know by now you are thinking this can’t be that simple… 24 conscious breaths once a day and all the above is available to me?! No …. It’s got to be more complicated!

No it’s not! The hard part is getting someone to love themselves consistently enough to actually do the practice! Do you?

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