You are loved

You know those people who seem to talk all the time? Why do you think they do that?

It is really very simple… they are afraid of being unheard!

It works as a self fulfilling prophesy because you stop listening after the second or third time they say something. This way they get to be correct that they are unheard and ignored… or even, invisible…!

It’s true. There are some people who are afraid if they stop talking, they’ll disappear completely into the chaos of their minds.

There are some veterans around here in Hawaii, who seem to need to talk constantly… probably as an outcome of the mixture of agent orange and feeling abandoned by their country after Vietnam…

If you find yourself talking too much, make a point of asking yourself which one of these is it that you are afraid of experiencing… invisibility, inaudibility or being inconsequential to those around you? Then STOP…..!

Never be in judgment on those in this condition… or, before you know it, you will be judged for the same by others. Instead, speak the truth gently until they can hear it… because these people who talk all the time… are most often deaf to what others have to say! Carefully bring them to a recognition of what they are doing and why.

I often tell my friends… “if you ever hear me tell the same story twice tell me right away… I need to know so I won’t bore you or myself…”

I love words…  I consider myself a wordsmith. I use them sparingly, because I know with certainty… every word I speak is a spell.

A spell, I am casting upon myself and my world…
With consciousness, words can be a great tool of healing and personal empowerment… used UNconsciously, they live up to the old saying “loose lips sink ships”… glug, glug, glug,… there goes your credibility…

It is only your fear that expresses through all that noise… and the truth is, if we can be quiet and listen for the still small voice of The Divine, we would know we are loved and there is no need for all that fear…

Find the silence in your own heart and you will have a treasure beyond price.
Then what you say will mean something.

Let go of needing to describe the world constantly so it feels more manageable.
Rest in the arms of The Divine Mother…
Find a place inside yourself through your breath…
Rest your weary bones in the knowledge that you are heard,
You are loved and you are seen…

Blazing tales of wonder,
Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become
Your sister through chaos and comfort,
Shankari the Alchemist

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