Talk about throw a party..!

Full moon in Leo… with an eclipse!

Did  you celebrate?

We did, at the Mystery School in Hawaii! I had all my friends and students over and we danced under the stars to welcome the magnificent full moon, it was breathtaking. Swinging to Stevie Wonder on what appears to be the edge of the world and watching the sunset and the moon rise at exactly the same moment. …. It made me think ……

when humans are fighting over the earth we are as ants discussing who owns an elephant…

Our planet is a jewel in the universe… to be treasured not trashed by her custodians.
The feeling of spaciousness hits everyone as they enter the property. Impacted by the beauty and natural wonder of this oasis over looking the sea, deep in the lava desert of the Ka’u Coast, Big Island Hawaii. I am constantly in joy, looking out into the infinite sky above the silvery grey line of the horizon… the power of the earth is undeniable here… where a lava flow can take your house or a hurricane could simply blow you away.

I had a very important revelation throughout the day that made my celebration even more exciting last night. … I have struck earth on my land! I have a back acre I am preparing to turn into a food forest along the principles of perma-culture The area has been barren and wind swept for as long as I have been here, nothing can grow because there is no earth, just raw lava. There is no water, just a heavy dew that’s blown away by the fifty mile an hour trade winds that are frequent and unrelenting.

BUT…. Today as the back hoe was digging the deep trenches to plant in away from the force of the wind we found pockets of real earth! Talk about throw a party! I wanted to fall to my knees in gratitude. It’s hard to imagine a place with no earth if you have never been here. It’s hard to imagine anything really… that’s why the people with vision are often lonely and ungrounded.
I have literally discovered a deep dark warm space where anything will grow, when I thought there was none. . I feel that’s true inside myself as well as inside the earth here.  I feel it is symbolic of a new type of creativity we are being ask to uncover within ourselves, close to the earth, simple and true to the laws of nature.

Blessings to you all this full moon.

May you have a good belly laugh before the week is over!
Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become.

S xxx.

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