Success or Failure

Let’s talk about success

In the dictionary success literally means: “the thing that comes next” as in succession…

That makes sense… so when did ‘success’ change from ‘the thing that happens next’ to ‘more money, power and achievement than others’?

In terms of this new definition of success, competition is ingrained… and life has become a race. The winners end up losing their humanity, health and friends along the way…

Somehow we have agreed as a culture that money, power and achievement are far more valuable than health, humor, friendship and the quality of our internal life, in fact, generally it is not held in high esteem to be at peace with yourself, to have something to share with others, to care enough to help our families and friends, to have the time and inclination to want to make a difference where it is unseen… at the heart of the matter…

Plumeria tree blossomsRecently, I asked the Universal Mother through prayer, if she would please arrange a few big Plumeria trees for the garden I am creating in her service….in Australia we call them Frangipani and in Indonesia they are called Kamboja — a universal tropical/desert plant, that survive against the odds…

This plant really engages my imagination and inspires me… the way it conducts itself as a member of the plant kingdom… large branches, when removed and laying beside the road can be resurrected… they can live without earth or water for over a year if they have access to moisture through the air. Their flowers are sweet smelling and delicate… often used in the hair or to make the famous Hawaiian Lei.

When you break them they bleed sticky white blood and if you plant them before they are properly healed, they rot from the inside… and eventually die a long slow death.

In my heart they represent myself and everyone who is asked to ‘live on thin air… survive abandonment, heal ourselves… all the while, looking and smelling beautiful while we’re in the process!

As I said, I asked for a few trees, branches discarded by an enthusiastic tree lopper perhaps…

A friend called me, said she was closing down a furniture factory in Kona and asked if I wanted the broken  pieces they were discarding for my art project, of course I said yes!

On our way to pick it up along a road I rarely travel, there they were — the Plumeria branches laying beside the road, waiting for me to discover them and bring them home to sacred space so they could start their new mission.

At first glance I saw a small pile of branches and felt wonder at the spontaneous answer to my prayers, then I stopped and examined the situation more closely.

There is amazing abundance all around us, we simply have to change the way we think.

In the end it took two days and four trucks to pick up all the Plumeria branches waiting for me on the side of the road and down in the ditch behind the highway…

That was three weeks ago. The locals thought I was insane when I stood them all up with rocks, a plantation of sticks standing for all to see on the cross roads of Orchid and Seabreeze.

Yesterday, they began to flower! By next year it will be a landmark.
All from a small prayer for a few branches.

Right place, right time, right action, then everything falls into place.

Someone else’s problem can become your solution…
That’s the new ‘success!’… the thing that comes next.
True success, is in loving the earth and her people in all the different ways we have at our disposal.

Bringing in the light to the darkest place, can be achieved by a small candle, even a small idea… with enough love and imagination it can lead to a new experience of bliss on earth.
Come and see my trees some time…they will amaze you with their tenacity and forgiving spirit.

Blazing tales of wonder
Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become
Your sister through chaos and comfort …
Shankari the Alchemist… ever learning, always growing…

2 thoughts on “Success or Failure”

  1. That is awesome! I love the plumeria tree – it is absolutely beautiful! I’m so grateful you shared that with us. It just goes to show that when we get what we want, everyone benefits! :0) I look forward to someday seeing your plumeria grove!

  2. Hi Shankari,

    I loved that story. It does not surprise me. When I ask for something or am worried, the Universe (God) always answers. I always amazed. It makes me feel loved and never alone. As for success, it is what comes next after all our efforts have been put forth. Success is not measured in finances alone, but in the total balance of one’s life. So Shankari, you are truly loved… Love you, Michele…

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