It’s time to stop taking it personally!

Hi Everyone,

We are all living through an extraordinary time in history. There is no denying it now!
I have been working on a mosaic floor for the front veranda of the Mystery School in Hawaii. I found a beautiful soft green tile  with silver streaks through it when I was last in Bali. I had it cut into dolphins especially for this project.

The world is spinning and seems to be spiraling into a cashless vacuum, I wonder where it all went? As I am working on the mosaic I find it very relaxing, it is a functional art form that allows for almost immediate reward for effort. For the this reason it makes me feel less frustrated at my own powerlessness as the world comes to terms with what is happening.

I was working on my mosaic tonight with the fire burning in the round. The fire pit surrounded by the twelve wise Fire Turtles who stand guard at the front of the school, thinking about this situation…..

We live in a closed circuit world! All the gold that was ever dug up from the earth is still here! It didn’t evaporate! All the silver that was ever mined is still on the earth. All the money in circulation…. None of this was shot off into space! Its all here on the earth, held in stockpiles by old family executors, in ancient secret stashed across the globe, from Zurich to Scotland to China….. And a million other places.

So I would like to say to you, the holders of these great stores of wealth that have been taken out of circulation in service to the common man and put into some investment that simply produces more paper rather than more jobs…. Congratulations! You have it all!

Now what?

I read some data recently and it struck me as sad…. The whole wealth of the USA is divided like this:

1% of the US population owns 70% of the wealth. Of the remainder 8%is owned by the Saudis. The remaining 22% is shared amongst the other 99% of the population. The most interesting statistic is that 20% of US citizens THINK they are in the 1%. !!! *smile*
I have just been in Bali designing my new collection. I was deeply absorbed in my work when I got the news that Obama had won the vote to become the next President of the US. The energy shift in the consciousness of the world that night was profound. I could feel it in the air, a kind of certainty of change for the better! A sense of excitement and hope….. Trust in the future… Be here now.

Be in joy, find your center, breathe, it is time to invest wisely in things that bring joy, peace and help sustain a true sense of self worth. This is the energy that came to me as I was designing, on the banks of a sacred river, deep in the rice fields of Bali….
I am here now in the Lava Desert of the Big Island, expressing my creativity in a different way. Sending lightness and love, wonder and the divine right for curiosity.
It is time for me to come out of my cave and share my gifts with the world… Don’t you feel like that?

I do!

Its time to stop taking it personally and step up to our destiny path with courage and strength. Perseverance and clear perception, I pray we may all be blessed with gifts that allow for wisdom to rise above ignorance.

Its time to get a voice and speak your piece. Let me know what you think, how you are handling things and which of my pieces inspires you the most and why!

Blazing Tales of Wonder, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become your sister through chaos and comfort Shankari xxx


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  1. Good on you Shankari! Too early for me to write more have to wake up. Hey, yes waking up is what we all have to do and it is happening.

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