Shankaris Christmas Message

Dear friends and family of please forgive my absence. I have not been able to write because I did not want to spread my sh*t around so to speak! My job is to inspire and lead… Not complain and explain….

Life is full of challenges and last year around this time I was in deep darkness! I have recovered I am happy to say, with the help of some excellent food and rest in Bali, wise counseling from Australia and a personal willingness to surrender to my true purpose with my whole heart. Finally I am at peace!

Not a half dead, lonely sort of peace…. I mean I am jumping out of my skin with excitement sort of peace… I am reactivated and enthusiastic again about life!!!!

I send healing light to all those who are still looking for the light to set their enthusiasm on fire with new inspiration!!!!

If you are wondering what I am up to now…. I am at last fully present to my work in Hawaii and Bali concurrently… Mastering the art of teleporting…. Or at least…. I am mastering the cosmic unspoken connection between myself and my soul family/ team in Bali…

The jewels are beautiful this year… They match the sky that is always whispering her secrets to me  at sunrise and sunset… I am present and conscious for both each day…

If you would like to feel a new inspiration then read some of the new descriptions on the jewels… I am back and on fire!!!! I am inspired to invite you to Christmas and New Year with me in Hawaii… Creating wondrous jewels in the lava desert of big Island… Lunar Rainbows… Shooting stars… Hot tub under the stars… Contact Lily if this seems like something that you would like to share… I am so happy to be alive at last I feel the clock is turning backwards and I have entered a new way of being… I am happy to share my inspiration with you…. Everything is always in Divine Right Order… Trusting that is the thing that is so hard to do and creates the grist for our mill of evolution….

I wish you all a glorious Solstice and a Sacred New Year of Abundance without greed and freedom without fear of abandonment. Yes yes yes!!!!! Lovingly being here now….. Shankari the Alchemist.

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  1. Bonjour cherie, interesting enough that your post arrives just on my birthday after a very very roudh fall and a shaky year. I wore your jewewlry as an armor, love protection against the rest of … Anywaym, whether upor down, you can still share and lead, constructive does not mean stupidly sugar coating! 😉
    We are one, in growth and in pain: human, and proud of it, after all.
    Many blessings from a Parisian in San Francisco.

  2. Over at my community of inspiration seekers we do breathing meditations to help start our day in the right frame of mind, and then again at the end of the day to release all energies that no longer serve a higher purpose.

    I have been hosting companies like Energy Muse and Satya who make transformational jewelry, they have offered me reviews and giveaways for my readers and the responses have been phenomenal, I would love to host you Shankari in 2011, with a feature about you, how you started, your inspirations, and then hopefully also a chance for you to send me a piece that will help me in this new year of transformation ahead. I’d share the piece was companion on my journey in inspiration seeking and enlightenment, and then also have one reader have the opportunity to win too!

    I am glad that you willed your mind to take you from negativity to creativity to re-newed passion in your art! Kudos my friend!

  3. Hi my dear friend, have wondered about the silence. So sorry you have had a difficult journey of late, but am delighted you are in a much happier & healthier space. My love & healing go to you & your family for the Xmas season & I wish you a wonderful happy & peaceful new year. My husband Les & I are delighted to have our wonderful children & 2 beautiful grand daughters to share the festive season with. We have had our mountains to climb again this year but feel blessed with a loving family. Your sister in love & light Dale xx.

    Please note new email address

  4. Shankari, I’m not sure what you have been going through but I now believe that every bump in the road for me and my family has just made me more faithful, grateful, and I have an unfailing faith beyond belief. I almost want to experience all the bumps in the road in this lifetime to be able to ascend to a far higher level that I have ever been at with determination. You’re are an outstanding Woman. Keep the faith and keep in touch. I hope someday I can visit you in Hawaii or Bali for your classes financially and God willing. Take Care you lovely lady! Sylvia

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