Shankaris 2011 Valentines Message

Life is so interesting… don’t you think? In many ways everything is far more intense than it used to be and at the same time LOVE is held higher and higher in the scale of attainment, love of each other, love of the earths children and love (and forgiveness) of our selves…

I am choosing to hold this as the highest intent for those celebrating Valentines Day 2011…. Show how much you care, how much you appreciate those in your life that bring you the experience of love and joy…. This is a genuinely wise investment in your own future happiness…. As you know, love is the ultimate currency and what you send out returns to you multiplied.
Love generously, celebrate with abandon…. Allow the Divine to work through you, bringing more love into the earth plane every day!

Love and Gratitude are now being activated in a new way on a global scale… People everywhere are learning to express gratitude and appreciation for the loving souls in their life… this is a revolution!… Everyone used to be so tight lipped and reserved but that’s all over now!
This global celebration of Love has evolved well past romantic gratification… I know of daughters who gift their mothers on Valentines Day and Sons who have gifted their mothers and their girlfriends and wives… all at once!
We can expand this out as far as we choose, it’s our holiday… after all, we are the outcome of “the love generation”! Enjoy the moment and celebrate with a genuine ‘Talisman of Power’… designed by Shankari the Alchemist in Sacred Space in service to your highest path to love, joy and celebration on Valentines Day 2011.

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