Shankari Equinox Competition Results


This blog post is to all of you who entered into the Shankari Equinox Competition.

It’s genuine fact that Shankari burst into tears of joy more than once while reading your entries. It’s wonderful to see her so moved by your words.

Truthfully it was a real challenge to choose the winning entries firstly because your overwhelming response created 297 entries. Secondly there were due to the literally hundreds of spectacular entries from devoted fans and fellow light workers in Shankari’s family of light it took some time to go through them all.

Ultimately we had to choose the winners by how inspired the entries made us feel.

First Prize US$1,000 gift certificate went to: Elizabeth Guilliams of Los Angeles

“Wearing Shankari designs enlivens the royal elegance and profound self love every goddess wields.”

Second Prize US$750 gift certificate went to: Rafael Nasser of New York

“My Shankari pendant is a magical device that brings out the Sun and inverts frowns. It makes me feel like Obama. :)”

Third Prize US$500 gift certificate went to: E. Hamilton of Round Corner in N.SW. Australia

“I absolutely adore my Shankari pendant and feel like a priestess connected to my higher purpose and creative spirit, confident, radiant, serene and loving!”

Shankari Gold

On behalf of my self, Shankari and everyone here at we thank you and each and every participant for your loving support.

You will still get the opportunity to see your name “up in lights” on the website in the testimonials window and also on twitter.

Thanks again for your participation.

Lovingly Yours


p.s. We are moving the Shankari Sparkle Club (where you get a 50% discount on your birthday) to this blog. You will see the page link at the top of this window.

4 thoughts on “Shankari Equinox Competition Results”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to express ourSelves and I am grateful to the wonderful messages of the Priestess/Goddesses for their words and to all of you at Shankari for these sacred expressions of the Divine that truly shine with the radiance of the Divine!
    Radiating Vibrations of Love, Light, Peace and Oneness,
    Rev. Kyra Baehr

  2. Hi,Thanks for sending me the results, i thought the third prize winner was the better of all,(more real)didnt quite understand the others SORRY! Love and Light Fiona .

  3. Wonderful! I am certain it was a difficult task as it was difficult for me to put into words how beautiful and blessed your pieces are.

    Thank you for the opportunity! Now I look forward to my birthday and the 50% off…thank you thank you thank you!

    Peace and love to you in the *Light*,

  4. Thank you so greatfully! I feel blessed to wear Shankari Design.
    Shankari, you are so generous with prayer and spirit. Thank you for all your kindness, and compassion. Your friend, Heidi.

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