Shankari’s 12 rules of Survival into the 21st Century!


I have five kids and seven grand kids so far, with Cancer (the house of the family) ‘rising’, ruled by Mars (God of War)… this means ‘my family is my army and my army is my family’….  I feel a strong sense of duty towards them all. I have spent many years contemplating how best to navigate the dangerous terrain of the future… and it is very dangerous! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

We have come to the completion of a 26,000 year cycle. One calendar is coming to a close while another has already commenced and is describing a different energy field for the future.

What happened 26,000 years ago? Did anyone ever tell you?

I find this fascinating… 26,000 years ago Human Beings as we know them became the dominant race on earth, they took the title away from the Neanderthals who had

40,000 years to work it out but were unable to evolve out of their Neanderthal ways…. Homo Sapiens have been in charge on earth for 26,000 years… with some luck* and a little effort we will access the frequency for ascension and complete our mission on earth in a timely fashion with Grace and Ease….

(*Keeping in mind that Luck is ‘when opportunity meets preparation’)

Our global future holds a different sort of challenge than the danger you see portrayed in the media! Those obvious dangers are quantifiable and apparently fixable in an hour of entertainment!

The dangers facing us and our families are far more insidious and much less obvious than a tough guy wielding his fists…or a ‘terrorist’ setting off a bomb.

If you look closely at our world you will see we are a global culture sitting on a time bomb! The terrorists are not outside our door they are inside our homes, coming through our TV’s, computers and telephones.

The fuel and shrapnel for this bomb are created through endless boredom, frustration, resentment, guilt, greed and a feeling of overwhelming powerlessness….this is pretty high powered fuel, dangerous and toxic!

This describes the geography of the energetic terrain the planet is expressing as it enters the energy of the new calendar…. This energy has been magnified since Hurricane Katrina followed by the sub prime mortgage fall out and the wobbling of Wall Street….

In the back streets of every city in America the demise of the culture is evident… the richest country in the world has the poorest people…on TV late night they are even putting up ads to ask for help for the 1 in 8 children who go to bed hungry every night in the US…. While many others spend their time dieting because they consume so much with so little thought … its all about staying numb for them and food helps!

The long term consequences of the sub prime theft are evident in places like South Carolina where there are reports of whole communities surviving by scrounging through trash cans…. There are whole tent cities equal to any thing they had in Sarajevo before the riots, set up outside most major US cities in the mid west and deep south… these are far worse off and poorer than any of my friends in the third world… these people no longer have family ties, no loving compassionate community support, no land, interest or skill to grow their own food, they are outside the loop in every possible way…and they are blamed for the failure of the system that was designed to rip them off … ‘cannon fodder’ in global business wars…. I am not sure if anyone has given serious thought to the fact that this is a recipe for future domestic terrorism… when you have nothing you have nothing to lose… the government and normal media channels do not report the true state of affairs… since it is too bizarre for words and does not fit the US version of itself…. Hundreds of thousands of homeless families eating out of garbage cans while city councils bulldoze empty houses because there is more money owed on them than they are worth…. Does this make any sense to you?

These are very dangerous times… and the terrorists are not who you think…try GMO food companies, drug companies and whoever is managing the HARRP frequencies globally (look this up online for further info)

If ever there was a time the planet needed some serious white magic it has to be NOW!

We must become very conscious of our own intent if we are going to make a positive difference…  the general population is fast moving into a polarization between those who have and those who don’t… how do we create a bright future for our families from within a global reality that seems so skewed!

I have developed a set of 12 commandments for the 21st century and I would like to share them with you as we arrive at the threshold of 2012. Contemplate them and determine if they are appropriate for you and if so on New Years Eve share them with your friends and family…. Lets start a revolution of our own and hold the light in our hearts for the good of all as we enter the energy of 2012….

1. Be kind to yourself first.

If you are not in good shape how can you be helpful to anyone else? Think about the emergency instruction… ‘put your own oxygen mask on first!’ … When the plane is going down, if you don’t take care of yourself first you will become a burden not an asset to your family and community.

As a liability and eventually a dependant … all your good intentions not followed up by conscious intent mean nothing! Ugh! Who wants to be like that!?

Intend to become an asset to your community not a burden…BE KIND TO  YOURSELF FIRST! (I can’t say this comes easily to me, since I was trained to be a martyr, but every day I am working on it… so can you!)

2. Be Kind and Compassionate to Others…

I have found from personal experience, this is much easier to achieve if you are already being kind to yourself! The world is becoming smaller every day, the energy for change is building with intensity, if you are not surrounded by friends and extended family you will be in trouble when the sh-t hits the fan! You are responsible for your relationships and it is a fact that no man is an island… although it is equally true that we are each of us, Infinite, Immortal Beings of Light having a human experience.

As humans we are designed to live within communities and in this structure we flourish, this is challenging to a hermit such as myself… I have had to contemplate all aspects of this public part of life. I have had good teachers…  The Great Mother of All Creation gave me five children (like the Pandawa Brothers of the Ramayana… or a whole basketball team! ) to force me into the world so I would be competent when the time came to share all these insights with you… Here on earth we are sentient and devotional when in a balance… we naturally take care of each other. We love to love! Love your life and all its convolutions…… you and everyone you know are manifestations of the Divine Force called LOVE!

BE KIND AND COMPASSIONATE TO EVERYONE YOU MEET… this is the way we will survive and prosper into the future… take the power and set the tone…it’s up to each one of us to make the difference in our own world… linked together we will be a global force for good like the earth has never seen before…

3. Create Private “Time For Self ” on a regular basis.

Without this you will become a hollow fraud… in fact I considered putting this one as the first rule because it is so important…. To become a whole and satisfied human being we need to develop the power within ourselves to be content ! Contentment within our own skin, quiet mind, healthy psyche, happy life…. Time for self is like gold… something other people have more of…. This is an illusion, our reality is in our own hands… we are the master set director in our own movie…. We determine how we spend our time here on earth… Think outside the box and you have a chance at success against the odds….

Time for self make you feel rich and respected… because you have respected yourself…. true long term sustained abundance comes from this frequency of being…. and no where else!

4. Love life and Laugh a lot! Always take yourself lightly…

From the highest vantage point it’s all ‘tie semut’ (ant sh-t in Indonesian) and not worth the constant (bankrupting) investment of worry and anxiety that destroys your health and sense of well being on a daily basis! The Western World is apparently suffering from an epidemic  of ‘Depression’ which has been defined by the drug companies as a disease! Unbelievable!

In my research of the origins of depression I have learned something very interesting. The place within the body known as the ‘temple’, that’s signified by the small indentation in our skull just to the side of our eyes on both sides, controls our relationship with time! ‘Temple’ comes from the Latin word ‘tempo’, which means ‘time’. We still use this term in music today. A physical building known as a Temple is a place outside time…. When we smile, laugh and express happiness our personal relationship with time is influenced by the muscles and endorphins we use in the process of expression, thus we have the term in our language “time flies while we’re having fun”. The reverse is true when we are grimacing, angry, frowning, feeling hurt or being hurtful. Time lengthens and drags and we become depressed and feel powerless over our circumstances. Everyone who is suffering from depression is simply not living in present time, they are holding themselves prisoner in the past which makes them feel sad and powerless!

For this reason alone I feel it is very important for each of us to actively seek the quiet joy in each moment… it truly is only in the NOW that we have the power to change our life. Only we as individuals have the sovereign power to do that for ourselves. Anything else is a manipulation and ultimately no matter how well intended … resented!

Come into present time, allow yourself to feel the love coming to you from The Divine Mother of All Creation and then let go of all the anxiety, judgment and frustration that bankrupts you energetically on a daily basis. We cannot change planetary evolution to suit ourselves however we can join the party and have fun as the world evolves, birthing into something new and wonderful. All births are challenging and messy, filled with pain and joy, then ultimately a sense of wonderment. We are the midwives. It is important we do not panic or lose focus in these critical times. Love life and laugh. Give up all the fear and start to see the humor in every moment. Activate your own internal living temple that gives you the gift of clear sight. This is what we were born for, this is our true mission, laugh a lot, share the wonderment of change, celebrate being alive and share with those who need you. There are 70,000 foster children in Hawaii alone! What’s going on? I have decided to build a Creative Arts and Life Skills center for them on Big Island … the population there is only 100,000 total! It’s exciting, there’s so much creative work to do, things to learn, people to meet and fun to have along the way. I can’t understand why anyone would choose to remain at home, indolent, drug dependant and depressed! We are the inheritors of the world post WW2. We are the ones who are here now and we have the power to make the difference….. all we have to do is smile, laugh and let the rest unfold around us…. Let go of all attachment to what anything or anyone else ‘should’ be like and let the joy that is present right in front of you right now into your heart and feel the healing power of ‘lightness’… after all the Angels fly because they take themselves lightly!…Learning to take myself lightly was a serious challenge…after a lifetime of feeling so unsupported and so responsible at the same time is something I had to work at for a long time but it is seriously such a relief when you finally agree to let go of … nothing sticks to you as you fly through space filled with “The Lightness of Being”. All the rest is ‘tie semut’! (Ant sh-t)

5. Practice self sufficiency…Learn to Breathe…

learn about your own body, what to feed it to keep it healthy and in your true service. Do not become dependant on those outside yourself for the truth of what’s going on inside you! Become aware of what feeds your spirit and what is expensive to your energy and make loving choices for yourself. I would like to share with you what I believe to be the most important skill anyone on earth can learn today…. The Art of Breathing! Hardly anyone can breathe anymore…. Have you noticed? Everyone has asthma or allergies or injuries which prevent them from breathing with full capacity. The fact is, life on earth for humans is pretty simple… if you have no food for a month you will die, if you have no water for a week the same will happen, so what happens when you stop breathing for ten minutes? You die! There are a million food experts in the world and just as many wine buffs, so where are the breathing gurus? Breathing is so important yet it has been overlooked. This is in direct service to the bastions of the ‘status quo’… the drug companies, big business and those that would keep the general population cash cows for decades to come, hanging around depressed, taking up space and resources and contributing nothing… if this is who you have become, don’t worry, help is on the way! Read on…..

It has always intrigued me why we are not taught how to breathe with power when we are in school… then I realized to breathe with consciousness is a powerful tool of independence and those in charge can’t afford to give the average person that much   personal power… THIS YEAR…please learn to breathe…. The art form in India is known as Pranayama… the study of the breath…. Look it up, grow internally, become in charge of your own wellbeing, stop thinking someone else is going to save you…. They can’t…they can inspire you to save yourself… you make the choices every moment on where you will place your attention and your resources… I know from experience there is nothing more empowering than learning how to breathe with consciousness, how to focus your intent and bring the whole of you into any equation. No one ever discusses the quality of your breath and the power it can bring to your enjoyment of everything on earth! Sex, food, music, all of life is enhanced if you breathe with power….

Learn to breathe NOW!

6. Learn to Listen!

Listen carefully to what YOU are saying… everyone must be responsible for every spell they cast upon the world around them from their own mouth! ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was God!’ Words have great power. Power to encourage and power to destroy the spirit. Words are important tools and can be used to bring light and joy. You are responsible for your words… so often I am in the presence of others who are locked into a need to be heard that is deafening, and delusional. They are emotionally deaf! Their emotional body has set up such a racket in their mind, they can’t hear themselves or anyone else over the din!

You cannot listen to yourself or others if you don’t have a quiet mind. It is important to  Listen to yourself because in each moment you are describing your world and your intent with your own words, instructing the universe on how to treat you and what to send you… we get what we expect! If your mind is in chaos and your brain never stops it can over flow out of your mouth and make lots of trouble for you! STOP THAT NOW!

Learn a technique to quiet your mind, then listen to what you say and become willing to self edit for the sake of your own survival and success! You are the magician casting the spell with your own lips, that has created your experience so far, now you can choose a new spell, one that brings you joy rather the pain of ‘trying to be right while always feeling wronged!’  This is not a good spell to cast upon yourself or your world! Become responsible for your own energy and listen carefully to what YOU say!…

7. Learn to Listen! Listen carefully to what OTHERS say!…

Do not believe anything anyone says without evidence in the third dimension… this is the place best suited for testing authenticity because the third dimension is the hardest one to crack….and the one you definitely can’t fool! If you are listening carefully with a quiet mind, observing reality without illusions, you will know soon enough if the words spoken are true or false… then its up to you to have the courage to make decisions based on this information, rather than the hype… Listen carefully. Trust yourself. Feel the energy… do not be fooled by the bright lights and big stories people, groups and political bodies weave around themselves…  in the strictest sense of the word these are black magic spells, designed to manipulate you for the personal gain of another.. these are not in your best interests…. Stay alert to illusion and delusional people… you have the power to find your own way to joy and happiness… do not jump to conclusions, always look for supporting data. I always find the face is very expressive. There is a ‘new’ science, around micro expressions on the face, something I have been aware of for decades. Magic and science have come so close they are crossing over. The truth is

never far from right in front of you if you are willing to listen with a quiet mind and watch carefully with no preconceived ideas. I am an alchemist, clairaudient and fairly psychic

and I give you this advice, as you enter 2012, LISTEN carefully to what people say, look for evidence in the third dimension of anything they say… spiritual or otherwise, as above so below… there is no difference… It is All One!  If joy and kindness are the new currency, listen carefully then determine what are they bringing to the table and where do they plan to take you? Does it leave you feeling more joyful and free or more vexed and fearful? Your choice…. Make it conscious… by listening carefully!

Listen carefully to what others are saying and become aware of ‘how’ they are saying it…. Do not be critical, be open and listen carefully before making any decisions on anything…. I remind myself often, there are always more than twelve sides to a single cut gem and just as many to any story anyone ever tells me! Don’t take sides, remain unattached, remember if you are in judgment on anything you are part of the problem because in a polarized world for anything to exist it needs it’s opposite!

Don’t waste any more time, listen to your hearts desire and follow that!

8. Practice Appreciation of Everything!… when something goes up in value, such as land or a house, it has ‘appreciated’ in value.

So when you ‘appreciate’ yourself, something or someone, you are actively increasing the ‘value’ of yourself and the world around you. As you develop your ability to appreciate your world, you will become more abundant and more affluent in every area of your life.  To feel ‘appreciation’ is to grow through the wealth of your own experience, to increase the value of your friends and family in yours and their own eyes and to live in an abundant universe…. When humans are feeling appreciated, they have a lot to give and share of themselves, we are a talented bunch here on earth!  When you practice appreciation…. and it is a, ‘practice’ that means something you must continue to do if you want to stay in shape and on target…. When we ‘practice ‘ appreciation, we are using the cosmic muscles of our inner self and our intent. This action changes the frequency that surrounds us, as we learn to create the field of appreciation around us, we begin to feel more ‘appreciated’!

9. ‘Appreciate’ yourself often…grow your true value in your own eyes.…. then never forget it! We are all infinite, immortal beings of light, having a human experience, we are all equal and valuable to the God Force.

We love to feel appreciated, so pass the message on. Learn to appreciate yourself and the gifts you’ve been given to share in this life. To feel ‘appreciated’ means…. your value has grown in your own eyes. Why? Because someone else (you give the power to) believes in you! They make you feel ‘great’! Dangerous ground. You must know who you are and what you are worth before commencing any love affair that makes you ‘forget yourself’… in business, socially or personally…. Love affairs are sent to bring us emotional evolution, not eternal punishment!

This is why ‘love affairs and break ups’ are so hard. The idea of another’s approval (love) increases our value in our own eyes and when it is removed (abandonment) we are forced to redefine our value….. if we have little self love, adaptability or power to self forgive, we will feel ‘worthless……and say stupid things like ‘without their love, we may as well be dead’!

Why are you suicidal and worthless?

Because the person or group you gave the power of approval and ‘appreciation’ to, no longer wants you!

Who are they anyway?

They are always a variation on the familiar energy of our parents or caretakers when we were children….providing the lessons for this life….    Give it up!  The anxiety and the pain of attachment….

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you your value…. Know your true worth and be strong in your own sense of self… When you don’t feel appreciated you are in the energy field of the victim, one of the most toxic, self destructive energies on earth, with the power to make trouble every where you go! When you appreciate yourself you become a valuable resource… people will seek you out and present you with the best deal, the truest love and the most creative environments when you are carrying the frequency of genuine self worth that does not rely on the approval of others. In this field of energy you are accountable, original and available for support, (everyone needs help some time) because you are free and empowered and not dependant on another for your value, all good things can come to you.

This is not the small ego, chest puffing type of approval, I am speaking of the certain knowledge gained through experience of your genuine value in the greater global scheme. Everything and everyone is of equal value, we are redefining what we’re doing here on earth and what we want to achieve…. Everyone really only wants a few things and the most important is to feel loved and valued as an individual within their community… this can really only happen effectively if they have already begun the process of activation through self love and ‘appreciation’… what is your true worth and when will you learn to “Appreciate Yourself First”? Do it now, start to really appreciate yourself and the perfection you represent on earth…. Repeat this to yourself under your breath for a week,  just for fun and see what happens next! “I am entirely loveable and worthy of all good things right now!’

10. Let go of the need to be ‘Right’ about anything…

We cannot create a world of peace and harmony if we are constantly measuring ourselves against each other and coming up short! This puts everyone on their ‘back foot’ ready to defend themselves!

In a world where black /white, right/wrong, up/down, are the rule there will always be good and bad…. Yet this is a fabrication of the human psyche.

What we have learned if we have been paying attention is there is no such thing… there are waves of energy, qualified by our intent, that swirl around us on a daily basis.

Most people in the  third dimension are more invested in being ‘right’ than being ‘happy’….. somehow we equate ‘approval’ with ‘happiness’ although, I am sure you have noticed, it is a poor substitute …

In fact it is unlikely we have any idea what happiness is as a culture… we have spent our life in a kind of damage control so everyone else wont notice how ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’ we really are…. Our culture is powered by guilt, shame and fear of failure… sculpted by greed… the greed to be the right one… the biggest, the best, the winner, the righteous…so we will eventually be worthy of love and acceptance….

Every time I hear someone say that word…’righteous’ I know by definition they are making someone else wrong! Jesus whole mission was to teach us forgiveness and equality… these are the only two of his teachings that differed from everyone else before him and ultimately created his death…. Forgiveness and equality…. 2,000 years and we are still working on interpretation!

The Old Testament world (Christian, Jew and Muslim) is the primary purveyor of our black and white reality  …   the fact that these are all male institution should tell you all you need to know about their future and why they failed… Where is the mutual respect and equality!?

We are entering a time when each of us is accountable to the whole while sustaining a level of personal sovereignty.

No longer a time of institutionalized beliefs…

Now is the time….  We wake up every morning saying to ourselves, “It is all one, I am loved for who I am, I CAN make a difference! I give abundantly as I receive abundantly….I am safe and Immortal Right now!”

I have used this statement for many years while struggling to build “Talismans of Power” my jewelry company in Bali. I have always found it liberating to be reminded of who I am and what my mission on earth is all about…. I share it with you for the pleasure of liberating the world…. Feel free to share it with your interested friends and family…..

“All One….

… with the God Force beyond all life

I give abundantly as I receive abundantly….

I am loved in action and non action!

I make a difference!

I am safe and immortal right now…!”

11. Learn a new skill this year… a musical instrument or artistic endeavor … medical research has shown that the kind of brain activity required to learn anew instrument or a new language prevents early on set Alzheimer’s Disease…

I do not expect to find myself with Alzeimers… I have been learning new instruments over the last ten years… I started with the drum…  now I play the flute, the ukele, the piano and I tried the clarinet… but I think I might have to save that skill for another life…! Music is a powerful healing force, do not deprive your children of one of earths treasures… learn to read music, learn to make music with each other…  share music of all sorts and open your inner ear to the music of the planets….  It is all one!

Learning a new language is like learning a new instrument… a new way of communicating your intent… I highly recommend to everyone that you take the time to go into a competition with your self and become as great as you can be while learning a new language… an arena that is entirely private (no measuring yourself against another) and yet has extremely powerful life and value markers…. Languages open your mind in a new way and allows you to see the sacred geometric connections throughout the subtle energies of the planet…  do you know that throughout the Dark Ages and during the Inquisition every book in Europe that looked like it may have been the work of the devil was destroyed, most often burned! After a fifty years, these brilliant villages priests has successfully wiped out Latin! The ancient source language of Latin was retrieved and remains a part of Global Culture because Saint Bridget and Ireland escaped the Inquisition. She built schools, co-ed convents for 2,000 students of Divinity, libraries and safe houses for the refugees coming into Ireland from Europe throughout the dark times…they brought the books with them and Bridget’s nuns hid them for the future…. there is a book called “How Ireland Saved the World” available through Amazon which will tell you all the details! Languages and Musical instruments are natural healing tools and extend the quality of your life…. For free!

12. Create community projects…become co creative….

Throw parties, have people over, make music together.  Sovereign, joyful, content individuals are not beyond needing company and a sense of belonging within a broader community …. It is very important to maintain your alliances and relationships with other sovereign individuals thus within community, we can support each other when needed….

Give up a world of dependence of all forms and align with a new reality of self sufficient, joyful living environments, based on respect, creativity and compassion..

There is bound to be a period of transition that brings challenges in all forms… I am certain humanity will survive and prosper because….. it is time! Time to become all we can be and share it with each other…. We are preparing to ascend…. that can only be achieved from a position of balance and lightness, laughter and love…!

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