How to become beautiful..?

Self Worth and Beauty have an intriguing relationship. They both create a similar reaction in those people around you. When you feel worthy it really effects your experience. Others may try to inspire it in you, but no one can give it to you, that is a choice that you make.

“But how…?”

The first step is to understand the difference between Self Worth and Arrogance. In your quest to improve Self worth can co exist with humility. Self worth is not threatened by humility. Arrogance becomes violent and aggressive in nature when confronted with humility.

True beauty stems from self worth. People with similar levels of self worth gravitate together, regardless of their looks. The quality of your experience in this world is often a by product of your self worth. No amount of fancy words will save you. No amount of make up can cover up your own self image. It’s clearly visible to all those around you.

Have heart because it takes practice and tenacity to genuinely improve.

Be gentle, be kind, be honest with your self.

Self worth is the true currency of the wise and beautiful. It is your birth right.

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