Your own best remedy…

The topic of health within our modern society seems to me to be upside down.
There was a time in ancient China when everyone within a community would contribute to the wealth and well being of the local doctor for as long as people were well.

As soon as someone became ill the income for the doctor ceased until everyone was healthy again!
Of course in our society it works in reverse.

The sicker the community becomes, the more wealth is accumulated by the drug companies and people who work in the medical profession.

I believe in a healthy diet with very limited animal proteins because I know that it is overloading our bodies with proteins we cannot use and do not need, creating the fertile ground for cancer cells to flourish, especially if I am indolent and have large areas of my body that never become oxygenated!
I know to watch for signs of dehydration…
When I sneeze I know it’s time to put on a jacket.
I know that if I begin to get a stuffy nose all I need to do is raise my body temperature until I sweat and it will disappear completely.
I know how to look after myself, I do not expect anyone else to do that for me.

No disease or pain can exist within the physical body without first existing in the emotional body.
So guard your emotional body well.
Have many tools at your disposal to engage your whole self in pursuits that bring you joy!
You will end up where you aim your attention.
Your health must be in your hands.
Stay conscious.

The current system is like a snake eating it’s tail.
Step outside the whole dance.
Become your own best remedy and your own informed healer.

Louise Hay wrote a book many years ago called “You Can Heal Your Life” …
It had a rainbow on the front cover.
Within this small paperback book was a list of illnesses and the emotional field that they carried.

The Liver is the organ that carries our anger… do you see that we live in an angry world, where everyday even the food we eat to bring us comfort and sustenance is sabotaged and we are left feeling just slightly angry and most likely suffering from indigestion!

Like the ads for peptobismol…

Eat as much food that actually makes you sick, then drink this chemical and it will push it all through very quickly while artificially neutralizing the acid caused by the horrendous combination of things you have forced into your stomach.

The stomach is the first brain!
That’s right! As in a gut feeling?

What you eat is what gives you your brain power and your emotional balance.
If you eat a well balanced meal you will have a well balanced day, or evening…
If you eat a whole lot of indigestible almost plastic food and blast it through with a chemical like a human “Drain-o”, what do you expect your brain and emotional body to feed on?

You have just had a big meal but you have not actually fed yourself!

Now… This is when you create arguments and get into all sorts of trouble, because your ‘victim’ reality comes up…  sure you are being mistreated or misunderstood in some way that matches a pattern from your childhood and your focus becomes stuck.
Not on the road ahead and all your future dreams and possibilities, but rather on lack and limitation and how unfair everything is….

There is not a minute to waste on negative thinking of any sort! Our journey is up to us…

Our health along the journey is up to us!
No matter what your condition it is never too late to try something new!
Change the way you think!
Think up not down!
Think big, not small… think INCLUSIVE… rather than exclusive!

Just agreeing to fake a smile can change your brain frequency into a higher more spacious vibration…

There is magic everywhere and in everyone.
You have the power to keep yourself well.
It is a choice!
Read the labels,
Know what your body needs.
Listen carefully to what your body tells you and act consciously to create balance.
Balance is a matter of conscious choice.
Keep your spine flexible and your mind agile.
Take care of your spirit, through art or music or some form of creative expression… of course you do not have to limit your pursuits to one…

I play the flute, the Moroccan drum called a Darabuka, I love to sing, chant in Sanskrit, In Hebrew, and I am learning how to chant in Hawaiian now.
I also create mosaics, draw, write and garden… all these things keep me healthy in my body, mind and spirit, so I can enjoy my work and be creative with my vision of the future…

Health is first a state of mind and second a lifestyle choice…
Make a choice to step outside the circle of the snake eating it’s tail…
You have great power to learn understand and heal yourself…
It’s up to you to do this… the alternative is that you live your life as a cash cow for the drug companies who get richer and richer with each new disease… You will be amazed how wise you really are at a soul level!

Love with an open heart, give service to others freely.
Remember you are abundant and beloved of the Goddess of All Creation…
Bring forward your higher self and ask your body for the truth… then be still and listen.

Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…
Your sister through chaos and comfort…
Shankari the Alchemist

8 thoughts on “Your own best remedy…”

  1. Well spoken Shankari!

    We will reach those who are open to hear.
    Even those ever so slight, we plant these seeds of wisdom!

    Peace in Heart.

  2. Wonderful advice, Shankari! I have also reclaimed my health from the ‘professionals’ and learned new techniques for staying fit and calm. I have been very impressed by an item I recently discovered on a freelance writing project, the Shakti Mat, a Swedish acupressure device. Must admit, just the name brought you to mind 🙂

    I have been very impressed how quickly this mat became an essential part of my daily routine, it makes a huge difference in my energy levels and has really helped my insomnia. I hope you and your readers will look into its benefits, too, as a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals for pain and stress relief.

  3. This message from you will have such a good impact on peoples lives .Thankyou we are all trying to stay away from drugs and I am looking up the shakti mat as I speak

  4. Thank you shankari! It is so simple we all know this and make it hard on ourselves, by putting things off, like eating better and excercising. We expect miracles, like if someone else eats right we will recieve the the benefit. Sometimes we don’t do the work and justr complain!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for reminding us what we already know deep down, sometimes we just need a little reminder. I work in the health industry and am under pressure to have the swine flu vaccine, I feel quite strongly about this and am asking for angelic help with this any ideas?

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