Creating Abundance

Our greatest challenge on earth today is not global warming or the price of gas… it’s despair! Despair is worse than a physical disease and more debilitating than the weather or politics!
It can be deadly!

Why do we feel despair?

We go into ‘despair’ when we believe in lack… lack of love, lack of food, lack of money, lack of control…

We feel more and more powerless in our daily experience of life… too much debt, not enough love, no freedom…

There is a feeling of spiraling despair that we as Light Workers must be aware of and approach with caution… I sometimes have these feelings myself!
How do we do that?

Recipe for changing despair into hope….

1. Feed your spirit positive information and stimulus…
Music, fragrances, fresh flowers… reminders of Mother Nature and the beauty of the earth… if you look hard there are more happy, positive stories in every area of life, than sad ones…

2. Remember to feed your body good food…
Give your brain a chance to work well and be in service. Not with just sugar and comfort food… it’s time to break out the onions and vinegar!

3. Develop relationships with positive friends…
Let go of the people that express feelings and ideas that bring you down.

4. Be disciplined with your energy and pay attention to the things that inspire you!

Pharmaceutical drugs can NEVER be the answer.

I speak from experience when I say:
‘We must be responsible for our own healing and our own energy’…

The metaphor I like to remember is simple;
Life is just like driving a car.
When you are driving, you must focus your attention on where you want to go and call in all the energies to support your intent… your eyes, ears, hands, feet… your whole body.

Like life… it doesn’t function well if you close your eyes or take your hands of the wheel!
You also can’t spend all your time looking in the rear view mirror… or you will crash!
You cannot spend your time, fussing around, feeling powerless while not looking at the road or steering your vehicle!

You, yourself must take control of your vehicle and your journey.

In order to be successful, you must look at the road, take charge of the steering wheel, then focus your vision and intent on the road up ahead… not directly under the wheels!

Do we continue to agree to a consciousness of lack?
Or… Are we going to hold strong to a consciousness of ‘more than enough for my needs!?

I don’t believe in monopolies…
Or aspire to abundance that makes one person rich and another poor…
I do believe the consciousness of the world is turning…
We must not claim huge abundance!
Why do we need so much more than anyone else?

Surely as Enlightened Beings we understand the process of empowering each other within the flow of available resources so that we can live in peace, wisdom and understanding…

Now, I challenge myself and all of you to describe the road ahead in positive terms.
It’s up to us!

Creating abundance…
Living a stress free, joyful life…
Engaged in what brings us the greatest pleasure.

In this way we really can experience ‘heaven on earth’… and we won’t be alone when we get there, since others will be equally as blessed!

From Shankari the Alchemist,
Blazing tales of wonder…
Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become.
Your sister through chaos and comfort…
Blessings S xx

4 thoughts on “Creating Abundance”

  1. Thank you for your great book. I just purchased ‘White Magic for Abundance’ and saw myself so many times in the pages. All my emotional states were identified so the healing could begin. The world and the planet’s energy changes had thrown me off center for a while. Your book was like drinking from a fountain and finding refreshment in its’ insight and magic. I love knowing that you always offer great wisdom to help all the goddesses out there.

  2. Thank you so much for being a great teacher. You always make me stop and ponder. I think the biggest thing is letting go of fear and trusting that everything will be ok. You are like my personal trainer helping me to strengthen my spiritual muscle. In this I am very abundant!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks to Shankari and your insightful message on despair. My daughter recently asked me, “Mom, are we going to survive through all these troubling times? Can we keep the house and fix it up? Are we running out of money yet?”
    I just smiled and said, “Well dear, we will have to cut back a bit more, but God will provide everything we need. It may not involve fixing the house now but we still have a house and that’s a great blessing. We are so blessed for so many things. We have good friends, food on the table, lots of joking and laughter.”
    I said, “Can you do me a favor?”
    She said, “Sure Mom!”
    I said, “Be positive and not to worry — and expect the best in everything and the best will come.”
    She totally understood that and even went on to explain that she needed to be more positive in times of despair.

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