I have had a vision, finally….

I am a very visual person, without a vision it is very hard for me to act.
When I am not in motion “doing something” I go into self criticism.
It’s a strange dynamic when you think about it.

quanyin_consortsWe come from a culture that frowns on open space…. too much free time and open space is dangerous.
You might stop and ask yourself how you really feel if you have too much free time on your hands… idle hands do the devils work!

But then again, we must have ‘time for self’ or we will go completely crazy or at least become physically unbalanced and eventually sick and tired of everything.

The vision I had was somewhat of an evolution, arriving in parts, like a puzzle.

First … in real life, I was made custodian of a life size, porcelain and gold, standing Quan Yin.
This is definitely not living room furniture… she and her two life size consorts, an old man carrying a child and a dragon staff and a younger man carrying yet more children in his arms and on his shoulders… and scrolls that would appear to be “the law”.

These three potent sculptural representations of cosmic law and compassion currently take up the better part of my front porch with the White Owl Mosaic.

I was feeling crowded and yet honored to have their presence at the Mystery School in Hawaii.
Slowly things have unfolded… or at least it feels slow when you are in the eye of the hurricane.
The land has appeared to build the temple… the vision was of that temple, with it’s breadth and height… the heart wood of four fur trees was immediately manifested and donated as the Pillars of the New Temple to Peace in Hawaii. Since then I have had constant visions of pathways and sacred geometric grids, gardens and flowering trees.

It’s underway… the tide is changing and compassion is returning to the hearts of humankind.
I have heard recently of honey gathered from rooftop gardens in Manhattan… and of ‘guerrilla gardening’ becoming a fad across the planet…. god bless everyone learning to grow food again and applying their imaginations to how to do this under impossible circumstances.

I’m excited… jumping out of my skin with the adventure of creation looming before me.
I’m building a food garden within a labyrinth of sacred symbols and silent spaces.

Where I live there is no dirt.
I mean absolutely no earth…. simply rocks.
There is no water unless you buy it and truck it in, there are trade winds that irregularly blow at 40mph…
I’m bored if its not almost impossible…
that must be why I got the job!

I lay in bed at night and ponder things like how to pull water from the air for the food garden…
I think I have figured it out by the way.
I lay awake and think of ways to turn a desert into a garden for the sake of all it will feed, in all the different ways it will contribute to the community at large…

Food is important, food for the spirit, food for the eyes and food for the body… my vision is to provide all these things in one sacred place… activated for deep and permanent healing of the individual soul.

Why not?
Life must continue to be a challenge and an adventure until the day we die…. or we are already dead in some respects just waiting for the rest to catch up.
Plan a garden of your own.
Invite your friends to come and join in.
I’s a wonderful thing to share the food you have grown with others.
Start with something small… parsley… or tomatoes perhaps… then build to your imagination… the sky is the limit!

I do not believe as a culture we are meant to live with such financial pressure for our daily sustenance and am working on becoming energy efficient in every aspect of my life.

Soon the Hawaii School will be completely off the grid with solar panels — and if I can master this water collection story, it will enable us to live and breathe and create constantly, within an environment that is self sufficient and leaving almost no carbon footprint upon the earth.

Those involved in the creation will be and are fed at a creative level, constantly growing their self-esteem.

I have a friend named Bob, from Michigan.
He had been in Hawaii a few months when he came to visit one day and said, “I’m sorry but I have become homeless and I would like to live in the shed in your green house…. can I do that?”

I said … “You know there have been times when I wanted to move into the shed in the green house myself! Of course you can sleep there until you find a home of your own.”

This was quite a few months ago!
Bob is a trained chef, who has previously held jobs of great importance in big international hotel kitchens… but he has lost his feeling for cooking and now prefers to build rock walls.
The walls he’s built on the property for the Quan Yin Temple and the Peace Garden are amazing.
He expresses such grace and charm that I’m flabbergasted.

In this manner he has rebuilt his self-regard, lost a ton of weight and is genuinely happy for the first time in years!
He may even be interested in food again soon… we are planning to build a big stone oven to bake community bread in the future…

Food and the Magic of form and space… this is my vision and clear intent.


Creating a magical labyrinth of food and silence that will profoundly heal all who come and experience the frequency of compassion in this form… here in the lava deserts of Hawaii…. a place at the end of the universe, becoming a ‘beacon of light’ to the world.

I love you all and trust you will have your own vision soon…With your own vision comes the freedom to throw yourself heart and soul into your evolution…
towards freedom and joy!

Come and join me when you have some time.
We are always creating something in service to the Goddess.

Blazing tales of wonder, remembering all we have been and learning to love what we are becoming…..   Sxxxx

5 thoughts on “I have had a vision, finally….”

  1. Shankari,

    Thanks for bringing me into the zone… a good year this year. My world is consolidating, stabilising and settling into a good flow. The Financial Crisis has given me my best year ever!
    Installing beautiful fragrances to flow through the A/C systems at the Novotel Darling Harbour, Grand Mercure Apartments and the Ibis Airport first week of September to welcome in the Spring.. Moving house this week, and preparing for the next project germinating from a centred space. My planetary centre is becoming hotter and hotter as part of my daily practice, and bio-energy sensitivity becomes increasingly cellular. Clair-sentience increasingly acute forcing changes in lifestyle and habits with Divine Energy becoming lovingly (sometimes forcefully) interventionist. I feel connected to the macrocosm in this process, and that the quickening is extremely real at an atomic level, far beyond the minds observations, pressing new levels of humility so to receive the beautiful grace of this Divine Light flooding the planet right now.

    So much more.
    So much Love,


  2. Hey Shankari,
    Have to dig the cat in the photo, lends a grounding to the lovely statues and reminds us not to take this sojourn on the earth plane too seriously.

    Om, Peace, Amen, Pegster

  3. Hi Shankari… love to read about your visions and to see them become reality… Loved Bob’s story; hope he is back creating something he loves. My 20 year dream seems to be gathering momentum with more information with learnings coming through… Need to get my health up to speed and then the healing center will come into fruition. Your sister in love & light Amethyst Dale x.

  4. Hi Shankari,

    I love what you do. We are all creators, having come from the One who Created us. I feel we are moving forward subconsciously. I’ve always wanted to create a vegetable garden. I’m going to do it in pots. My husband & I have designed and planted beautiful gardens that give happiness to people who just walk down the block…makes them stop and feel. Here’s to making Mother Earth Beautiful with Gardens. Namaste!!!! Michele!!!!!!

  5. Good Evening Shankari,
    You have done it again. Every time I visit your site you manage to fill me with Vision, Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Joy, Enlightenment, Determination, Motivation and Spiritual Abundance…what Gifts!
    How can I thank you for the good feelings that flow from your radiant generosity and love, out into the world, reaching far across continents and oceans to souls like me. I am transformed… in this moment, and although these are just 2 little words, I am sending them to you, in sincerity,through the goddess energy paths, angelic realms and atomic and sub-atomic movements connecting all beings and minds everywhere, huge pink and green vibrations …thank you.
    We all grow here in Ireland, our soil is deep and rich,the rain falls frequently, the sun warms us temperately, and I now eat the vegetables that my Children grow for me… and I am nourished with the wisdom of their ever growing spirits… Good luck with your garden, I wish you Success, Fertility,and Water in Abundance.

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