Nyepi Promo 2012

Such a strange word.
Try it and see!
It’s like yippee!!!! Only with an N in front!
I am planning to share the joy and powerful healing experience of Nyipi with the world!!!! Come and join me!
Last year I travelled all over Bali interviewing groups of men and boys of all ages from different villages who were busy making the Oga Oga for the Nyipi Festival.

I discovered the most interesting thing…..after interviewing some very old men….whereas, I thought the Oga Oga were a uniquely Balinese af6air! Much to my surprise before the 60’s the people of Bali did not celebrate Nyipi with Oga Oga…. The Oga Oga or (more than one ) Ogre were introduced by enterprising European tourist/traveller accommodation Management who were most likely Dutch… Since the Dutch had been an Imperial Occupying force in Indonesia for over four hundred years…until the war of independence just after WW2.
Ogres are a common theme in all European Folk Tales.
In the ancient earth cultures the idea of cleansing ceremonies and renewal festivals are indeed a universal concept.

Now we know the Oga Oga in Bali are a cross pollination from Europe the doors are open to the world to experience Nyipi!!!

The men in the village take a month or more to build their Oga Oga. They work as a team and contribute about a day a week each… Usually Saturday or Sunday.
Everyone has a great time….Last year during Nyipi in Bali I gathered my friends and guests and we built a beautiful Oga Oga in five days. The men could not believe we did it! They really believed we’d fail!!!!! (I think it was because we were mostly women)!

I had an amazing moment of revelation when I heard my Balinese Silver Quality Control Team of beautiful women beg to be able to participate in carrying the monstrous dancing beast across the bridge (the Bali Java Highway usually uses that bridge!) Then down to the river beach…
What I discovered was…. this was the first ever female team of Oga Oga dancers…. The men usually get to have all the fun while the women work!
I am returning to Bali in mid February from Hawaii to prepare for this remarkable event. Come and join me in Bali!!!
Create living Earth Magic…. and help change the frequency of all the islands of the earth including yourself!

Nyipi culminates in The Night of Fires… Wild crazy, amazingly uplifting…. Burning the Oga Oga by the waters edge….. Letting the tide take the remnants out to sea for complete cleansing and release from the past year… With all its’ mistakes and regrets, failures and successes… .
Setting yourself and all those around you free!!!!

The principle of Nyipi is cleansing and resetting the clock to Zero!!! There is a lot to learn here, I believe… The Balinese take care of the health of the spirit of their land!
With this festival followed by the Day of Silence….
I am bringing this festival of renewal to Hawaii in August… To absorb all the negative (demonic) effects of the drug ‘Ice’ from the land. The devastation to families and children deserves our attention. I believe the magic of Bali can help the people of Hawaii…
Come and become part of the solution. Practice with me in Bali in March building the Oga Oga (usually a set of two or more giant bambu and paper mache puppets that are carried by thirty people on a large bambu frame)… and then let’s do it for the children and the earth spirit of the islands of Hawaii. Why not? Surely life is about joy, with everyone doing what they love and celebrating our abundance… ?
In appreciation for the earth our mother and in support of her children (that’s us and the 70,000 foster children in care in the Hawaiian Islands mostly due to Ice….)
If Ice is the the problem let’s bring the fire of purification and Nyipi to everyone!!!!!with JOY!!!!

The Day of Silence
The day following the Night of Fires is spent in silence.
In Bali they don’t even let planes land on that day!!!
A whole day with no cars on the roads and the only sounds you hear are children playing… Since apparently the demons cannot see children they are allowed to go out and play all day on the roads!!! Quite a sight!

March 20 Tuesday:

Day one:

Arrival: (What time?)

Welcome drink, snacks.

Orientation, Introductions….get to know each other make a plan and commence decorating the Oga Oga Monster with paints and fabrics, sequins and beads…..

Dinner 7pm: Evening performance in the restaurant by the Children from Shankari’s Balinese Dance School

8.30pm: Learning Level 1. “The Blue Fire Ritual”

or Level 2. “The Portal Ritual”… with Shankari in the seminar room in Retreat center.

March 21 Wednesday

Day two:

Breakfast: 7am -10am

Yoga Class: 8am – 9am

9am: Building the Oga Oga as a team, it really is a huge task and usually takes a Balinese village a month or two to build… that’s because they only work on Sunday!

Shankari and her team have built many Oga Oga in a week or six days. Now she is planning to achieve her outcome with your help! She will have the Oga Oga built and ready for you to paint and decorate… it is so much fun! She will show you how. Make sure your bring an old shirt to protect your good clothes!

9am -12 noon: Class; Decorating the Oga Oga with Shankari….painting, cutting out paper and fabrics.. mask making and hair creation… wild stuff…. And we will burn it tomorrow at sunset… this activity is sacred work, like a Tibetan Sand Painting! Not meant to be kept but rather to be offered up to the Gods as a kind of sacrifice…. With no blood!

12 – 1.30pm: Lunch in the restaurant at the Retreat Center.

1.30pm-3.30pm: Putting the finishing touches on the Oga Oga.

3.30 – 4pm: Snacks, tea, coffee, juice…..

4pm – 5.30pm: Class with Shankari… “Blue Fire Ritual” for protection… “Portal Ritual” for alignment and activation… (The Portal Ritual is only for graduates of “The Blue Fire Ritual” location…. Balian Palace Roof Grid….

5.30 – 6.30pm Free time

6.30pm: Practice your Blue Fir/Portal Rituals on the roof top…. Location: The Balian Palace…

7pm: Dinner in the Palace Dining Room… traditional Balinese dance performance by children from our dance school… Hula Dance Performance by Shankari, singing and dancing by many others including you! …. It’s a party!

10pm: Sweet Dreams… big day tomorrow!

March 22 Thursday

Day three:

Day of Final preparations on Oga Oga….

Breakfast: 7am -10am

Yoga Class: 8am – 9am

9am Balian Palace… final completion of Oga Oga Monster… decorations and activations… we will be building the framework at the base in Bamboo so the Oga Oga Monster can be carried easily by many people at one time…

12 noon – 1pm: Lunch in the restaurant in Retreat Center…

1pm: Completion of Oga Oga and photo session with everyone involved… a small record of a great work!

1pm: Final preparations for moving the monster…. to the other side of the river bridge… this is really wonderful…. We stop the traffic in the process and everyone locally is amazed at our Oga Oga creation as we carry it down the road across the bridge and up into the Retreat Center from the Balian Palace… we will have lots of help so don’t feel like its going to be hard work!

3pm: Snacks and refreshments in the restaurant.

3.30 – 4.30pm: Oga Oga activation Ceremony out front of Shankari’s Retreat Center with all the Oga Oga we have created … there will be at least three perhaps four from our team! (Everyone must be wearing their temple clothes… the kabaya and the sarong…

4.30pm -5.30pm: Dancing with the Oga Oga…. All the Oga Oga are carried in procession, the traffic is stopped by the police and we have the road to ourselves for about a half hour to go across the river bridge/Java Highway and down through Shankari’s garden to the river beach below, where they will all be burned in a great big bonfire…. The whole village watches and follows the procession…. It is a wild scene… don’t forget to bring your cameras!

6pm: Final ceremony to complete the energy and protect us all through the night… all lights go off …. The last at midnight, and the next day there are no cars, no traffic… silence!

7pm – 8.30pm: Dinner

Or before dinner you may want to go up north to the local village and join in their procession and see their amazing Oga Oga creations……not for the faint hearted! This is for people who are fit and healthy and willing to join the crowd!

Street parades… stop the traffic…. Oga Oga are on the move! “The

Night of Fires”… as they all finally meet their end on the river beach, filled with all the negativity from the villages and the people, the negative energy is transmuted through the power of fire and water…. Resolved and drained away leaving the village and ourselves cleansed and renewed… ready for a rest!

Sweet Dreams!

Silence tomorrow… you will be woken by the birds song and the sound of children’s laughter!

Nyipi Day: March 23 Friday (Friday is ruled by Venus the planet of love and compassion)

As long as you stay within the grounds of the Retreat Center and do not make loud noises you will be fine… Shankari uses this day in a very powerful sacred way… for personal releasing and healing and rearranging her own energy for the year ahead… this is in alignment with the intention of the Priests who first developed this amazing ceremony and celebration of cleansing and healing a whole island and its people on an annual basis … Use the energy wisely… t is a gift from The Goddess of All Creation that we can become involved in such an intimate way in a truly amazing Balinese Sacred Ceremony

Take the time today to fall in love with yourself… with all the parts of you that you judge and do not love unconditionally… this is a powerful act of self healing and has profound effect on your future potential for success on every level… remember, nothing is isolated… everything is connected and a reflection of everything else ….the divine truth ’as above so below’… applies here!

Day four:

Breakfast: 8am – 10am

Lunch: 12noon – 2pm

Dinner: 7pm – 8pm

Day of Silence: no one is allowed to use a machine like a car or plane… or go out onto the streets… or make any noise, except children…. the reason is the Balinese people believe the monsters flying over head will

think there is no one living in Bali if it is very quiet and they believe the monsters can’t see children because of their pure hearts, so they will keep flying to Java and make trouble over there!

This is one of the most remarkable days in the Balinese calendar… and true evidence that the Balinese people are a genuinely spiritual culture with a clear intent to stay aligned with the natural forces of the earth… there is much we can learn from them…

On this day you practice your personal ritual in silence and become strong in your personal intention for the future… you have the power and now you have the family (O’hana)…. Nothing can stop you from finding your joy!

My suggestion for today is that each students takes the time to be in true internal silence for the first three hours of their day, then to be very disciplined and write out the plan for their future energy… there will be a questionnaire that will prompt internal enquiry and revelation… prepared by Shankari in advance….

The lights go back on and the traffic starts again around midnight…..

Day Five:

The Day after, The Day of Silence….. release from the past.

Accepting the power and beauty of the moment…

Breakfast: 7am -10am

Yoga Class: 8am – 9am

Back to business as usual with a big smile that comes from your heart

You are an important part of the fabric of the whole…. Come and join Shankari the Alchemist in Bali and have a completely life changing experience….. you are a child of the Universe… join us in Bali March 2012 and become part of the solution!

Places are limited. Let us know as soon as possible if you would like to come to Paradise in Bali for Nyipi 2011.
Blessings on all your adventures. Shankari the Alchemist.

For Further Information, Please Contact By Email at: bookings@shankarisbaliretreat.com

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