Nyepi 2011 at Shankari’s Bali Retreat

Title : Nyepi 2011 at Shankari’s Bali Retreat

Location : Shankari’s Bali Retreat – Jl. Raya Denpasar – Gilimanuk Ds. Lalang Linggah, Tabanan Bali [ view map ]

Such a strange word.
Try it and see!
It’s like yippee!!!! Only with an N in front!
I am planning to share the joy and powerful healing experience of Nyepi with the world!!!! Come and join me!
Last year I travelled all over Bali interviewing groups of men and boys of all ages from different villages who were busy making the Ogoh Ogoh for the Nyepi Festival.

shankaris bali retreat ogoh ogoh festivalI discovered the most interesting thing…..after interviewing some very old men….whereas, I thought the Ogoh Ogoh were a uniquely Balinese affair! Much to my surprise before the 60′s the people of Bali did not celebrate Nyipi with Ogoh Ogoh…. The Ogoh Ogoh or (more than one ) Ogre were introduced by enterprising European tourist/traveller accommodation Management who were most likely Dutch… Since the Dutch had been an Imperial Occupying force in Indonesia for over four hundred years…until the war of independence just after WW2.
Ogres are a common theme in all European Folk Tales.
In the ancient earth cultures the idea of cleansing ceremonies and renewal festivals are indeed a universal concept.

Now we know the Ogoh Ogoh in Bali are a cross pollination from Europe the doors are open to the world to experience Nyepi!!!

The men in the village take a month or more to build their Ogoh Ogoh. They work as a team and contribute about a day a week each… Usually Saturday or Sunday.
Everyone has a great time….Last year during Nyepi in Bali I gathered my friends and guests and we built a beautiful Ogoh Ogoh in five days. The men could not believe we did it! They really believed we’d fail!!!!! (I think it was because we were mostly women)!

I had an amazing moment of revelation when I heard my Balinese Silver Quality Control Team of beautiful women beg to be able to participate in carrying the monstrous dancing beast across the bridge (the Bali Java Highway usually uses that bridge!) Then down to the river beach…
What I discovered was…. this was the first ever female team of Ogoh Ogoh dancers…. The men usually get to have all the fun while the women work!
I am returning to Bali in mid February from Hawaii to prepare for this remarkable event. Come and join me in Bali!!!
Create living Earth Magic…. and help change the frequency of all the islands of the earth including yourself!

Nyepi culminates in The Night of Fires… Wild crazy, amazingly uplifting…. Burning the Ogoh Ogoh by the waters edge….. Letting the tide take the remnants out to sea for complete cleansing and release from the past year… With all its’ mistakes and regrets, failures and successes… .
Setting yourself and all those around you free!!!!

The principle of Nyepi is cleansing and resetting the clock to Zero!!! There is a lot to learn here, I believe… The Balinese take care of the health of the spirit of their land!
With this festival followed by the Day of Silence….
I am bringing this festival of renewal to Hawaii in August… To absorb all the negative (demonic) effects of the drug ‘Ice’ from the land. The devastation to families and children deserves our attention. I believe the magic of Bali can help the people of Hawaii…
Come and become part of the solution. Practice with me in Bali in March building the Ogoh Ogoh (usually a set of two or more giant bambu and paper mache puppets that are carried by thirty people on a large bambu frame)… and then let’s do it for the children and the earth spirit of the islands of Hawaii. Why not? Surely life is about joy, with everyone doing what they love and celebrating our abundance… ?
In appreciation for the earth our mother and in support of her children (that’s us and the 70,000 foster children in care in the Hawaiian Islands mostly due to Ice….)
If Ice is the the problem let’s bring the fire of purification and Nyepi to everyone!!!!!with JOY!!!!

The Day of Silence
The day following the Night of Fires is spent in silence.
In Bali they don’t even let planes land on that day!!!
A whole day with no cars on the roads and the only sounds you hear are children playing… Since apparently the demons cannot see children they are allowed to go out and play all day on the roads!!! Quite a sight!

Feb 28 – March 8th (8 nights/ 9 days)
We will pick you up from the airport for free! Just let us know your itinerary. The journey is about 1.5 scenic hours up the West Coast of Rural Bali.
$65 per day per person Twin share. Or $125 per day
Single person in a Private room
There are only 14 rooms available in our Retreat Center…
Don’t miss out….
Book early!!!!
Can’t wait!
Blessings S xx

Price Includes:

– Continental Buffet Breakfast of fresh fruit and home made mueslii..All materials and
– Tuition for creating the Ogoh Ogoh
– Traditional costumes for attending ceremonies.
– Tour to the Crocodile Temple…. Like walking back in time!!!
– Pre Nyepi Feast in the Balian Palace Dining Room.
– Traditional Balinese Dance performances
– Yoga daily
– Crystal Bowl Healing Circle
– 10% discount on Talisman of Power Jewelry from Shankari’s Boutique.
– 6 months free subscription to The Stone Soup Moving Feast School of Modern Mysteries on line.

Places are limited. Let us know as soon as possible if you would like to come to Paradise in Bali for Nyepi 2011.
Blessings on all your adventures. Shankari the Alchemist.

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