Food shortages… or manipulation of the public?

In Hawaii, over the last few months, late at night, I have had the privilege of watching satellite TV. I often wonder at the advertising… pharmaceuticals in all their forms, to help with every bodily function we have apparently lost control over… it’s scary!

Along with this type of advertising lately, there has been a lot of focus on the poor in America. They show photos of hungry unkempt children and say 1 in every 8 Americans go to bed hungry every day.

Who is this in your community?

What can you do to help? I heard the call… There really are a lot of hungry people in the district… that part is true!

Even though I am not an American, I feel for all humanity… what can I do to help?
I decided to build a soup kitchen in Hawaii to try to help the hungry with homegrown food from my garden for soup and salad.

Shankari's GardenI have purchased the land and this project is underway right now. I expect to be serving soup by June 11 next year.

This is the birthday of the King of Hawaii and a great date to aim at for our local humanitarian purposes.

When I recently returned to Bali; in the silence of my studio, catching up on world events; I felt like a pawn in a much bigger and ugly game after reading in the issue of Newsweek Magazine dated, Feb 23, 2009, page 39 (online version of original article):

During the Depression years of hunger, the New Deal ordered the slaughter of 6 million pigs. The theory (see President Roosevelt’s May 14, 1935, speech on the Agricultural Adjustment Act) was, believe it or not, that one cause of the Depression—in 1935, were people selling apples on the streets; 20.1 percent were unemployed— it was a “problem of overproduction.” Government, FDR said, could keep production and consumption “in reasonable balance” so that farmers could charge “reasonable prices,” as the Government intuited them. Last week Congress was importuned to have the government pay for the slaughter of dairy cattle in order to raise milk prices. Cows should die in Wisconsin so that mothers in Watts will pay a higher price—one that government deems “reasonable”—for milk for their children? The dairy lobby sees opportunity in a New Deal 2.0.

These people have no compassion, no imagination and no sense of flow for the greater good of all people. They are only interested in profit! No wonder 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry each night… There is no one out there who has enough power to think outside the box and make a big enough difference!

I am a firm believer in The Sermon on the Mount.
Jesus affirmed that we were important to God and we would always have enough.
Everything is available to support us and our purpose on earth.
We simply have to have the eyes to see, and the hearts that listen.

Those pigs could have fed a lot of people… and the milk cows???

Perhaps the way milk is handled these days, it’s not the best of foods for anyone, let alone small children, however… who can deprive a hungry child of food? Apparently the government of Wisconsin with the approval of the Feds. When will we wake up as a global culture and realize we have been farmed?!

The more I observe, the more certain I am of this sad fact.
The drug companies make money out of a sickly community.
The food companies (who are subsidiaries of the drug companies) make sure the food is corrupted and will not truly feed and heal the sickly community… who must be kept alive until their last breath, by the medical profession, so every last cent can be drained from their existence.

This is the true enemy!

Not Communism or Fascism…
Not the ‘towel heads’ or the ‘gooks’ or the ‘spics’, or even cancer or AIDS..
Shankari's Garden
The true enemy is within and has the rules of the game on their side 100%…

It is time to step outside the provided box.
It is time to demand a different lifestyle.

One that will support us in health and true wealth which is ‘time for self’ and opportunities for creativity, good food and genuine nurturing by your own community.
All else is simply grist for the mill!
Where DID all the flowers go?

Blazing tales of wonder,
Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become… S xx

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  1. Yes, it’s true what you say and nearly all countries are involved in this mad economic swindle. I live in Italy, the land is very fertile, lots of sun and water but farmers are now forced to sell their products at very low prices to big distribution companies, who sell them at high prices to supermarkets, who sell them at even higher prices to housewives. Result? Poor farmers, poor families, very rich men in suits who have control over the food supply. Another result? Depression, which is “cured” by drug companies… but more and more people are waking up.

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