New Year Message to the women of Australia and the world from Shankari the Alchemist

“The world is changing quickly and if there is anything we humans are afraid of it’s change!
There is a lot of fear and doubt in the global atmosphere… the question I have for you is this…. Has it even really been any different? The human race has been constantly driven by fear throughout all history…. We’re controlled by others, through our fear of… ‘What if?”

This new year I suggest we all accept that change is inevitable and instead of being in fear about it which makes us sick and brings us pain, we can make the choice to see all change as positive!
The truth is, if there is to be momentous change for the better the old entrenched ways have to be wiped away. This process brings a degree of chaos. Chaos breeds fear…. !

If we trust in the goodness of the God Force and The Divine Mother then we cannot worry about the future…   When we worry the pain grows and grows… we’re all faced with huge challenges at this time in global history…. We are the lucky ones we are here to have the experience in person! In future, the times we are navigating will be legend… where do you want to be placed in the legend of 2012? I myself want to be among those who held the light and laughed with joy as change forces me to grow on a daily basis… come join me in Hawaii over Christmas and New Year or in March in Bali… call Kiele on 1 808 990 3344 for more details….
I have three rules for these challenging times…

  1. Be here now, in present time:
    All pain is in the past or the future, our true task is to live in joy now! Dance, sing, find like minded souls to share your journey…. Celebrate!
  2. Be true and kind to yourself and others:
    Remember what goes around comes around…. You will get what you give! Give with a kind heart and an open spirit, so you will never need to fear for your well being. Kindness rules!
  3. Respect the earth and all her resources:
    …. She is our Divine Mother and without her we are homeless! Like all Mothers we are prone to ignore the gifts she provides for us every day… we assume it is our right to receive from her! Without a functioning planet it will be hard to find someone to convince of our ‘rights’ to destroy her beauty in the name of progress!

Live in joy, sing often, wear beautiful powerful sacred gemstone talismans of power, re-activate the High Priestess within you, your time is coming! We need you to be balanced and in power…. Ready to become all you can be in service to the evolution of Mother Gaia.

Our ancient mother Gaia, is on the rise… she is awakening the primitive heart in every woman globally… even those who have never heard her name before! She is telling us all to laugh out loud…. Relax and get ready to celebrate change for the better! She is the mother of change, calling us all to trust Her and join Her mission to bring balance, peace and beauty back into each heart on earth…. Come join me, Shankari the Alchemist and share the journey, celebrate change for the best!  We will succeed against all the odds and celebrate the beauty of the Goddess in each of our hearts in 2012!

We are “The Daughters of the Goddess of Life”…. and we are on the rise!

2 thoughts on “New Year Message to the women of Australia and the world from Shankari the Alchemist”

  1. Thank the goddess, Shankari that you finally did another blog posting and it is indeed inspirational – exactly what the world needs now.

    Look out 2012 here we all come, and hopefully gracefully and not kicking and screaming.

  2. Please give me more details about joining you in Bali in March. I purchased your book and a beautiful piece of jewelry in Phoenix during the Celebrate Your Life conference. I so very much want to meet you!

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