New Year Message (part 3)

2. Be kind to others.

Being kind to yourself, makes it easy to be kind to others….

I know this from personal experience… I have not always been kind to myself… As a child I was a devoted Christian (those dedicated to martyrdom and celebrate ‘sacrifice’….) There was no other words to describe ‘spirit’ in my community in the mid fifties.  I sang in the Church Choir…

I still love to sing, I was a Sunday School teacher until I was 18! I am devotional by nature so I took that stuff about putting everyone else and everything else ahead of myself very seriously!

Born a humanitarian, care giver to the world, I and others like me are an easy target for a philosophy of self effacement to gain favor with God the Father… since ours are most often absent…

I would like to talk for a moment about this business of sacrifice! As we enter the new year do not bring any of that with you!

Sacrifice is not the name of the game anymore… it may have had relevance in the last century however today it is no longer ‘sacrifice’ but ‘service’ we must admire and support in each other….

To be in ‘service’ is not to ‘sacrifice’…. Service does not insist on ‘self annihilation’…. and martyrdom… this is very expensive behavior and rips   off the whole community…

In this new millennium we are evolving into a new reality which does not include ‘sacrifice’ but rather ‘service’.

To be in ‘service’ to another is to accept that you too have value in the exchange which is quite different from the position held by Religious Christians …’I am so guilty (despite the fact that I am constantly told I am forgiven) and worthless (despite the fact that the church was built on my dime and is one of the richest institutions on earth…)

I, (the average person) am not worthy to enter without first surrendering to your (the institutional) certain belief in my guilty wanton ways (as a woman) which are truly a reflection of your own conflicted Christian reality, a gift from (St Augustine)….. if I believed in hell I would be keen to see him visit for a while… though I am working on being compassionate at all times with all beings… it is sometimes difficult…. But not impossible!

Who was St Augustine? I am sorry for the detour but I want to share this with you…before we enter the new year and the energy of the new calendar… St Augustine was not a kind man!

St Augustine was a potent pillar of the Church. He was not kind to others… in fact we have him to thank for much of the really despicable inequality between the sexes written into church dogma…

‘Saint’ Augustine was a womanizer who could not keep it in his pants, however rather than take any responsibility for his own weak nature he blamed all his sexual deviance on women who were obviously in cahoots with the devil… thus all women were deemed untrustworthy, weak willed, easily manipulated, soft minded and in need of a strong masculine hand of discipline… (I hope he is still roasting)!

‘Be kind to others’, this is the way to enrich your life with meaning and purpose… when you are being kind to others, to be effective, your kindness cannot have a price tag! You cannot be kind and have an agenda and expect it all to work out in your favor! Kind is more like who you are rather than what you do… irrefutable, vibrational reality that attracts abundance and true love, opportunities and advantages…. Magnetically!

Ulterior motives will delay your effectiveness …

I know it is not always easy… I have my own challenges…. Everyone does! Especially those closest to us!

Commencing in the New Year, be kind and generous with all aspects of your self and suddenly you will start the ball rolling and the world will be changing for the better all around you. We are overdue….. more freedom and joy is on the way!

We have been brow beaten for 2,000 years, taught strict versions on what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’…. Righteousness is a way of making others wrong and ourselves right… give that up right away!

I speak from a position of true understanding, I spent centuries in the church throughout its evolution and I was trained in all variations of the theme… there is something completely base line and liberating in the idea of being absolutely right while someone else is absolutely wrong… if there ever was an ego feeder this has to be it… with no repercussions or sense of balance…. simply the power that comes with group agreement and ignorant censorship of the possibilities down to one that suits you and your purposes….

Religion is on its way out and good riddance!

Religion… which ever, is designed to insert itself between you and your experience of The God Force, The Divine… this is no longer relevant or necessary… every day there is a new and amazing pile of evidence as to the divinity that lies within each one of us… our DNA is changing, our immune systems are adapting, we are evolving into a world of highly informed, skilled, sovereign individuals creating joyful community from a point of equality that simultaneously allows for human uniqueness … supporting the whole and celebrating the differences… this is the future of successful community upon the earth….

Being kind to yourself and each other is the first step to freedom!  Then…… Be generous and compassionate with everyone you meet, the flow on from this simple decision will astound you!

More tomorrow….

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