New Year Message (part 2)

The New Year celebrations are fast approaching,

As a global population we are taking back control, preparing for a successful co creative future….

Despite the huge push by ‘the other side’ to gather us up again and neutralize our intent to be free… how?  Well that’s easy, they teach ‘material values are king’ (worthy of killing some one for) How do they do this? Through Base Chakra (sex/survival) Reality TV Shows, through drugs of all sorts, legal and illegal… pushing the audience to agree with their values and act with no grace from their base sex/survival instinct… some are no better than farm yard animals fighting over food…. …. To be personality driven rather than soul conscious…. Is a lonely angry path that many are encouraged to follow because it make you sick and once you are sick they have got you for the rest of your life! 30% of the US is now suffering from Diabetes or Heart Disease…. That’s a big audience for your product if you are a drug company! Health Care is on everyone’s lips… yet the idea of ‘health’ is to maintain ill health in a manageable way, thus we support a food industry that supplies little nutrient, over population, an aging community and a dying culture of kindness… since everyone is sick and most are cranky… or doped up!

Human Beings are amazing….

We have the power to be Soul Conscious…. We are a phenomenon in the universe, we are about to take the final leap into super consciousness as a planet… hold on to your hat, get ready…. These are the instructions, the rule book if you like…  that will allow you to survive and succeed into the   2012 with grace and style…

1. Be kind to yourself first!

Eat small amounts of nutritious food, wear comfortable clothes that make you feel beautiful and happy, learn new things often, keep your mind alive with joyful activities…. Do not engage in competitive pursuits…. Become an asset to your community, in this context the great value you bring to the group is recognized, celebrated and honored rather than challenged, resented or sabotaged….

It’s like putting your oxygen mask on first when the plane is going down… you are no good to others if you are not strong and resilient… if you do not take good care of yourself you will become a dependant rather than a resource to your human community…

(In our world if you become sick you are a cash cow for the drug companies. Don’t be fooled! They and their siblings the food corporations have no interest in your good health, they are determined to keep you alive for as long as possible as a cash cow on a maintenance program!)…. Sad, astounding that it got this far! BUT TRUE!

2. Be kind to others.

Being kind to yourself, makes it easy to be kind to others….

More tomorrow!

Love S x

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