New Year message from Shankari

The New Year celebrations are fast approaching, I hope you have taken the time to deep clean your house and write a list of all those things you are planning to leave behind as we start this most auspicious year of 2012…..

Why bother?…. Seems like a lot of trouble for nothing…what difference will that make?

Lots and Lots!


Because… ‘as above, so below’… because your home is symbolic of your life, your relationships and your physical body, so pay attention and create cleanliness and order before entering the energy of the New Year, for your own sake!

This little piece of conscious awareness can allow you to set the tone for the year ahead the way you want it, free of abandonment and abuse!

….. this prevents that feeling we have… of always being on the ‘back foot’ trying to catch up…. I know you know what I mean.

We live in a society that is constantly pushing us to perform, measure up and compete with our last breath! This is soul destroying activity and ends up with a culture of abandoned youth and abused parents…. 70,000 abandoned children in the Foster Care system of Hawaii alone… what about the other 50 States? What about the rest of the Western World?

(Abuse and abandonment are the result of self abuse coupled with an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness… held by both by the parents and the children….)

For a long time I was deeply enmeshed in all the competitive energy of the marketplace… giving 110% daily leaves you bankrupt….

And in whose service? I thought I was working for my future and the future health and well being of my children…. Did I really get rewarded as I expected?


Did I really achieve my true intent… to be happy and healthy and take good care of my family?… No!

So what was I doing wrong all those years?

I think about this a lot… what was I doing?

I was playing the game of life by the rules I was given…

And I never thought to question them or that there might be another way!…..

I absolutely believed the people in charge, just like I completely loved and believed in my parents and their version of the world…. and I trusted them completely to do the right thing…. It turns out they didn’t have a clue either!

I am not complaining!

I don’t think there is something really WRONG!

I am not even sorry the way it all turned out because I now live with joy and freedom…. And  I am here to warn you of the dangers…..and hopefully lead you into a new reality, a new way of being that has the possibility of greater joy and freedom…

I have discovered the real nature of joyful living on earth….. it has nothing to do with competition and everything to do with co creation…. So all that hype about winning is a way to keep us separate from each other and in constant competition…. This way we will stay weak and manageable!

We live in a completely abundant world where there is more than enough of everything for everyone…… however we are also evolving out of the dense energy of sex and survival (1st and 2nd Chakra) into a brighter future when we can feel free to tell the truth, (5th Chakra… throat) have an opinion of our own, (3rd Chakra… the will… Solar Plexus) we are learning to think with our hearts (4th Chakra) and feel with our heads (6th Chakra).

We have been locked in 3rd dimensional reality for the past 26,000 years. Now, our world is opening up, 4th and 5th dimensional experiences are common among human beings these days… as a race we are evolving into a bright and inter dimensional future, much to the chagrin of those who felt they were the masters of our destiny on earth forever… Big Business, governments, drug companies… I refuse to be their cash cow and so should you!  More tomorrow!

Love S x

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