Never Keep a Routine for Long

Lets get something straight right from the start… as an infinite immortal being of light having a human experience we can NEVER DIE!

We are also constantly swinging throughout your journey on earth from male to female incarnation and back again…. For the sake of experience and evolution. We thrive on change… in fact we need to be challenged and seek change if we want to grow internally.

One of my teachers would often admonish his students by saying; “never keep a routine for long”! Why? Because they make you feel so safe you stop thinking and part of you begins to go to sleep and become unconscious…. What we are in search for is an experience of full consciousness not half consciousness because it is convenient and cozy!  This is the master plan of the enemy! Don’t be fooled into thinking everything is sweet and light…. How can it be? We live in a polarized world, for every bright light there is an equally dark hole, our job is to navigate our journey through the potholes and spotlights of life and find the place where we can be of most service to the greatest good! Finding that place is the tricky part…. I absolutely believe in our power to become an ascended race living in the third/fourth dimension under the influence of Ray 7….  Equality, forgiveness, compassion. Let’s make that happen! Who’s with me?

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