Mother’s Day – part two

Preparing for Mother’s Day.

You may think I am heartless, but I am glad my mother has passed on because her body had become old and was no longer able to hold or support her spirit anymore…

I have the gift of knowing she came right back as my oldest son’s first son.
It’s a long story for another time…

Suffice to say, in her new form she is deeply engaged becoming her new self and what unique connection we had at his birth was quickly lost after three months when she agreed to be completely immersed in her new identity.

So even though I know where she is, she is no longer my mother; she has evolved on and is once again a child and I am not even the mother but rather the grandmother…

That’s what we all do.
We grow and change, die and are reborn…
It’s up to us to remember to take the time and enjoy the journey.
There really is no rush. This is a discipline and a revelation to me; every day, even now!
Be here now and enjoy your mother.  She is the one you chose, who chose you.

You are or have been in a symbiotic relationship with her for a long time, perhaps for many more life times than you care to admit or remember…

Enjoy your time together, give up everything that separates you… all the blame, judgment and grief… give it all up because there will come a time in the future when you will wonder what on earth possessed you to spend so much of your life worrying about such trivia.

In the larger scheme of things it’s your human relationships that give you the opportunity to grow and our mothers are our first and primary relationship and then, guide…

So this Mothers’ Day,  consider this..

What was the best, most profound thing you have learned from your mother?

My mother taught me to be tenacious…  I consider that quality one of my most useful and valuable skills of my whole life.

She was a child of the Depression, so she was very conservative with her resources. ‘Use what you’ve got’… ‘Never complain because you don’t have what you think you need… remember, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’… or her favorite, “Can’t is the won’t of people who don’t”

These are all typical of my mothers personal philosophy.  She was a pioneer, a hero, and I consider myself blessed to have had her in my life for as long as I did.  She was not perfect, but she was perfect for my needs. She was the best mother I could ever have and I am very grateful to her for all her sacrifice and surrender on behalf of myself and my two siblings.

Think of your own mother.
Give her permission to be who she is; don’t judge… relax.
You will have permission to be who you want to be…  the minute you allow others the same right… especially your mother.

She represents the Divine Feminine in your life, no matter what your personal challenges may be.

Honor her, respect her, love her, she is the only one you will ever have in this lifetime …
Protect her and take care of her, because when she is gone she can never be replaced…
She is the source of your journey on earth this time and she will always love you, no matter what you do…

That’s who she is and what she is put here to do!

She is your Mum…

Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…
your sister through chaos and comfort

Shankari The Alchemist

Big Island. Hawaii
May 2009

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