Mother’s Day – part three

As an outcome of my studies and adventures through “The Mysteries” I have discovered that we each choose our parents.

Not at a personality level, but at an energetic level… through your signature frequency

Imagine if you were pure energy, an evolving soul with a certain frequency of Being,  waiting for an opportunity to incarnate into a situation that will provide you with the very best environment for your next level of evolution…

So there you are, a unique energetic frequency sending out the message that you are ready for your next adventure on earth… waiting for your next body.

You do not necessarily, immediately get a new body and associated budding personality… you have to wait for the right partnership to come together and create the perfect karmic environment for your unique needs.

Your parents came together in that fateful moment and you hear the call… these people by coming together and creating a baby are  providing exactly the perfect environment for your karmic lessons and opportunity for evolution…

They are setting you up so you will be available throughout your life to meet and serve those you owe and be served by those who have a debt to you or you are currently to create a debt with…

Life is all about balance… finding the balance…

So we are activated into our new incarnation by the energy produced at the moment of conception, since there is no matter, movement through time and space and between dimensions is in an instant…

It is for this reason that we are so interconnected with each other.

Soul family.
We often return again and again in different roles with each other so we can become compassionate and forgiving… understanding everything because we have had the opportunity to walk in the shoes at some other time and have evolved sufficiently to be of service to everyone we come across in our life.

I often meet people who feel they are not really the child but the parent in the relationship with their Mother. Perhaps they were in that role in a recent life… but in this life, cannot let go of feeling responsible.

There are an infinite number of variations on this theme. It’s only interesting — not life changing, because the most important life is now and the most important relationship is the one with yourself as it reflects back to you from those around you.

With this knowledge, know your parents were your choice.

There is no one to blame for anything… everyone is an innocent victim of everyone else and it’s time for us all to heal… right now!

There was no mistake… everything that happens to you until you are twelve is already in the signature of the frequency you chose to explore in this lifetime.

Let all your judgments go and bath in the waters of forgiveness…

Your mother was your portal to this world, she did her best, she was the innocent victim of her world, just as we were ourselves…

It’s up to each one of us to honor the universal energy of fertility… our own mothers… The Divine Mother… because without them we would not be here to share this story.

I love my mother.
I love the memories she left me with… of her eccentricities, her strength, her courage and her willingness to be unusual… to think outside the box and give us kids the right to do the same.

She is my hero and I am so grateful to her for the opportunity she gave me to be her friend, to share our stories and laugh together from one side of the planet to the other.
One of the last things I said to her was… “you should go soon, because I can see how frustrated you are with your failing physical body… and there is this thing called “Photoshop” that you would really love… but you will never get there from here… you need a new life!”

She was back very promptly, and at 6 years of age she is becoming a master of her digital world!

Nothing dies, everything is recycled… including our mothers!

Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…
your sister through chaos and comfort

Shankari The Alchemist

Big Island. Hawaii
May 2009

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