Mother’s Day – part four

I worked for twenty years on healing my dysfunctional relationship with my father, only to discover I was a lot like him and my mother really did drive us both mad!

He stayed drunk and I went to live as far away as possible… forgiveness was what made our friendship possible.  Children are always in judgment on their parents… it’s part of the deal when becoming human.

They are our teachers and our guides… to become independent, we have to cut the umbilical chord or stay forever irresponsible and childish in our relationships and approach to life.

Our mothers are the portal through whom we enter the earth plane. It is through that original service that we have the chance to grow and become enlightened through the human experience.

Something to consider for a moment is that everything on earth was born from a female… a “mother”…. Oh… that’s right… except of course Eve!
The first woman!
Or was she?

The History Channel will tell you. This was one of those fabrications in service to the patriarchal culture we inherited. They wanted complete control… they did not want to share the hearts and minds of the populace with the female religions.

They had to discredit the priestesses and the philosophy of the fertility/ feminine religions… so they couldn’t admit the source was Feminine. That’s why they removed Lilith… Adam’s first wife!

Oh yes!
He was married twice —  And his first wife didn’t die, she was ‘banished from the garden’ (which she may have felt was a relief from the manipulation and control of being inside ‘the garden’…)

Adam is said to have complained to God that his woman (Lilith) would not behave… she would not “lay underneath him”.

So I guess right at the beginning they wrote “The Divine Mother of All Creation” out of the Bible and replaced her with “The Holy Spirit” (poor sexless thing) .

Later the Catholics entered Mary as a possible focus for Feminine worship… thank heavens for that! Now they have repositioned her because the energy of the Goddess is returning and they couldn’t afford to lose more of the congregation than they already have… life is so fascinating, don’t you think?

My own mother, was a hero.
She taught me many valuable lessons and a positive, philosophical outlook… she loved knowledge and freedom, she was a voyeur by nature and often went on solo adventures to India (after she was 60yrs old) so she could draw the snake charmers in the market place, she was a genuine ‘character’.

She did the impossible on a regular basis… but as children we hardly noticed.
Of course I was afraid of her disapproval and the idea of failing her was a nightmare that traveled with me every day,  perhaps even still!

I was hoping for her approval… I never felt I really received her approval, she was not effusive and was not someone to ‘beat around the bush’ as they say in Australia. She would always come straight to the point… she was fearless and determined…

When I first arrived in Bali the phone systems were very unreliable, consequently there would be long periods of time when we didn’t get to speak… because logistically it was impossible.

We were friends in the end. I loved to speak with her from foreign countries;  it was a ritual.
Upon arriving in a new hotel room somewhere in Europe or America, the first thing I would do, would be to call her. We would talk for an hour or two… because the hotel phone was sure to work!

I didn’t completely appreciate her while she was alive.

Appreciate your own mother while she is still here… she will not be around forever…
Love her right now, no matter what her crimes in your’ little black book of the unforgivable…

…  or you will find yourself in years to come… wishing you did!

More tomorrow…

Blazing tales of wonder, remembering all we have ever been or are about to become.
Your sister through chaos and comfort

Shankari The Alchemist

Big Island, Hawaii

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