Mother’s Day – part five

There is this great sign, it’s painted blue on wood, and rather long…

I bought it at the local Saturday Morning Markets… it states in bold print…

“hire a teenager while they still know everything”

I laughed out loud when I saw it the first time…
Thinking on it for a while… I can’t believe how ignorant and arrogant I was as a teenager.

How did my mother ever put up with me?

So did you think about it?
What was the best thing you learned from your mother?

Of course we all learn a great deal from both our parents, but mothers have a special place.


Because they’re the ones who provide our first nourishment, warmth and nurturing… for quite a long time they appear, to be our only source of sustenance… so it’s understandable that to a child, their Mother hold’s an almost ‘God like” position… Indeed… she always has the last word!

I have to thank my mother for teaching me how to be tenacious and never give up.
That’s the biggest lesson I learned from her about life. She didn’t cuddle us much, she was a woman of her times and fairly closed off… but she taught me by example to “keep on, keeping on”.

She didn’t leave my father despite their challenges and her loneliness, she didn’t abandon my brother when he became a junky… instead she let him live at home and put a dead bolt on her bedroom door and stored her valuables in there so he would not be tempted to pawn them for drugs.

She never threw away a piece of paper that had not been used on both sides and she grew a lot of her own food… she was a genuine new ager long before her time… she will always be my hero, I find myself more in awe of her everyday, as my body changes and I experience the fact that I am not thirty anymore… I have a mortal body that is healthy and strong but is not designed to last forever… I appreciate her more and more everyday.

She showed me by example to be honest, diligent and responsible. She was strong minded, yet willing to learn new things and explore new places. She never let anything stop her from doing what she wanted to do… right up until the day she left she made her own rules…

She was a character, a mystery to those she met and an inspiration to those she loved. My regret, is that I didn’t take the time, to get to know her better.

I am grateful with every breath, because I had the gift of her love, in the form most appropriate for me and my lessons on earth…

… get to know her past… her dreams… her plans for the future… she may surprise you!!

Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become… your sister through chaos and comfort
Big Island. Hawaii
May 2009

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