money and God… so whats up with that?

Hi there, this is Shankari and I’m back to talk more about that puzzle!

Have you been giving it some thought?
The Questions I want to ask and answer today are as follows:
What is the difference between Abundance and Wealth?
2. What does it mean to be abundant? Where does service fit in?
3. Why do we have such difficulty with money and worth?
4. Who has the power to make the most difference on the planet, the poor or the rich?
5. Why do spirituality and poverty get linked in the unconscious?

In future blogs we will discuss:

6. Why is “the victim” so seductive?
7. Why are we encouraged to give up control and believe we are a “victim of circumstance”?
8. Where does personal taste apply to your ability and right to celebrate the Divine?
9. What is “self worth” and how does it relate to financial and physical worth?

10. What is the upside and downside of your relationship between financial wealth and freedom?
11. What is the highest responsibility of each human being on earth? Isn’t that… to live to your full potential, as a creative expression of The God Force?
12. Where does your Success and celebration fit into wealth and spirituality?

13. What is “Spirituality” anyway? Simple choices are powerful, why don’t you make them?
14. Who is “spiritual”? Having the best… why not?
15. The danger of labels, the value of “non judgment”.
16. Never compare yourself to anyone… the only one worthy of competing against is yourself!

17. Who really cares and why?
18. What level of responsibility do we take as the world is going into transition?
19. Why wear an activated Talisman made in Sacred Space?
20. Glamor, what is glamor and how did it become ‘non spiritual” to be glamorous?

21. Who are the White Magicians? What is their purpose and potential? Who supports them?
22. The truth about service, wealth and abundance, how does the God Force express on earth today?
This is a list that should keep us going for a while.

Years ago in the beginning in Bali I would often meet extremely wealthy people, I also met others who did not have large sums of money but seemed to always be magnetically aligned for the best outcome from everything they touched. These were the happy people that cared about the welfare of others. True wealth is a “Frequency of Being”, it has nothing to do with how much money you have.
I have met some extremely poor very rich people in my time and I know from personal experienece…. you cannot make a poor man wealthy by giving him money, so what is wealth and why is it different from abundance?

A wealthy person has a lot of resources they keep for themselves, an abundant person knows there is always enough and is willing to share what they have in service to the greater good.
I am an abundant person. I have chosen to be this because as I observe the world around me it is those who share their wealth and see them selves as abundant that are truly joyful, healthy, and respected. These kinds of people are invested in the common wealth and are responsible for building community.

Thirty four years ago when I first realized my future was to be a single parent living on a small pension, supplied by the Australian government, I decided that I would apply for a world vision child and send that child a small part of my pension each month, that way there was another soul benefiting from my pension and my frequency could remain abundant, since I had more than enough to share! To believe you have more than enough to share is to know absolutely that you are an abundant being, supported by the God Force.

This set up a frequency of abundance in my life that has stayed with me for all these years and through many trials and tribulations, Abundance is the exercise of freedom, the freedom to share from source.

Wealth is a statement of your position in the world and determines your available resources, it does not insinuate the power to share in the same way abundance does.

Stay tuned for more..

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11 thoughts on “money and God… so whats up with that?”

  1. As always, you are spot on. I so enjoy reading your blogs and always enjoy visiting your jewelry online.
    Love and Light

  2. Hi Shankari,
    I just did a quick perusal of your note on abundance. I’ll take more time to digest a little later on. The quick thought that came to me as I read through was “karma.” Karma may be a topic for conversation when we meet up again. Maybe karma falls in the line of spirituality and poverty, I’m not for sure but it could be a crutch or requiring one to work on belief systems while others just come to it naturally, interesting.

    Om, Shanti, Peg

  3. What a wonderful, inspiring and well-thought out article. As I read through the list I kept smiling as I realized that these were all questions that have been at the top of my consciousness lately. Like you read my mind! I am a yoga teacher/energy healer and also make crystal jewelery – not as spectacular as your creations – but I just felt drawn to do this. They are very simple beaded designs with silver OM’s (hard time finding ones I like at wholesale) which have been popular in our yoga studios. My dream is to visit your workshop some day and to meet you in person! Your website and philosophy have been a HUGE inspiration to me as I, too, have set out on my own to build my new life.
    I have always felt that I am a “white witch, or magician” as I am guided to magical endeavors, people and objects.
    Of course I found your website!
    Thank you for your beautiful pieces, I am hoping to increase my collection!

    Light & Love,
    Kat Farrell

  4. Hello Sister,
    Miss u
    this is Jane in LA
    Send me news
    can’t wait to see you again
    P.S.: those who can make the most difference
    in the world are neither the rich nor the poor, but the

  5. Hi Shankari,

    Great commentary on the difference between wealth and abudance. There are so many people who have confused these two perspectives. I have known many people who were wealthy but hoarded their money and were reluctant to share it – even with those that they love. In addition, even though they have wealth, all they can think of is how they can make themselves wealthier. It is so sad to see. These people often become closed and are in constant fear (even more than the “poor” person) of not having enough money and that others are only interested in them because of their money – (which can sometimes prove to be a true challenge). In addition, these “wealthy” people are constantly unsatisfied – alaways wanting more (not just in regards to money, but relationships and life in general)- and worse – feeling entitled to it. Having wealth – especially if it was given to them without working for it themselves… often proves to be more of a curse than a blessing.

    Thank you, you are a beautiful being.

  6. I think that everythig is about balance is not about money is how you use for helpeing others money can be a good thing if you know how to use and not only thinking in material things.

  7. I am wealthy in knowledge and share it with everyone I know. Abundance will come from the service you put out to help humanity. As long as it is with integrity in everything you do. What is important is to exist doing our part, it is for what we came here to do. Look forward to coming to Hawaii to see you Shankari, a journey that has been in the plans for years. In Divine time.

  8. Hi Donna,
    I believe it is important to “celebrate” doing our part, rather than “exist” as we do our part, and that is easier to do from a state of abundance.

    I look forward to your personal abundance and future visit to the mystery school in Hawaii.

  9. Hello Kat,
    Thank you so much for your acknowledgment it is wonderful to know my work inspires others. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. I look forward to meeting you some day soon.

    These are the questions on everyone’s mind in this moment of transition. Stay tuned for more answers to those questions. Blazing tales of wonder… Sx

  10. Hi Shankari –

    Love your insights and sharing of knowledge as always. If only society didn’t judge a person’s value on their wealth would it be easier to allow various forms of abundance and higher consciousness. The Western Culture is learning this lesson now -to be happy and giving with what you have and can create, not focusing on others’ financial situations. Thank you for continuing to share your life stories with us.

  11. Abundance vs. wealth. Early on in my years my grandmother for whom to me was the greatest mentor. She said to me that “if you can fit the ‘uncondtional friends in one hand, these are your pearls of life'”. This is a prime example of abundance. Having faith, faith in God, in one’s self and in Gaia is a way of expressing our abundance and showing our gratitude. Life is our gift from God, what we do with that life is our gift back to God. Abundance and wealth can share the same meaning. I am happy even though I am not monetarily wealthy, but I have a gorgeous garden, have a degree in Art and Design, enjoy good foods, and know that when we get down to trust in our faith that God comes in in the 11th hour–so keep the faith. True happiness can be so simple, i.e., appreciating Mother Gaia for all she shows us, enjoying a walk in fresh air and even showing our caring for the earth. Remembering we are ALL CONNECTED as one peoples of this small planet and we are all responsible for future generations. There’s so much more I can add, but just remember all for us all–bring your sense of humor wherever you go and make someone laugh each day–enjoy each moment as it comes and it will all work out with faith.
    My love to all!!

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