money and God… so what’s up with that? (part1 – the missing link)

This post was written as the first article in the “money and God… so what’s up with that?” series. Due to a technical oversight, it has ended up as the second post. We can only assume it was divine order.


Hi there, this is Shankari and I have a puzzle I’d like to share with you.
I have been contemplating a comment I heard recently…
the essence of which was that the speaker believed ” truly spiritual people, find the expression of abundance by others in poor taste and evidence of those individuals lack of true spiritual integrity!”
Did you ever hear such a crock?
I am inspired and intrigued however by the comment and give thanks for the opportunity to have this discussion with you.
This is a broad subject and worthy of our inspection at every level.

I find it best to ask myself simple obvious questions, then answer them from my deepest inner knowing and personal experience. I warmly invite your comments on this timely subject.

The First Questions I want to ask are as follows:
1. What is true wealth?
2. What is true Spiritual Force?
3. Who is truly wealthy?
4. Why?

5. What does it mean to be abundant?
What is the difference between Abundance and Wealth?
7. Who has the power to make the most difference on the planet today, the poor
or the rich? The true
nature of service.

8. What about our right to celebrate the gifts of The Divine in our own way?
9. Why are humans different from each other?
10. What is “self worth” and how does it relate to financial and physical worth?

So lets start with the first series of questions, “What is true wealth?” and “What is true Spiritual Force?” “Who is truly wealthy and Why”?
I will start by saying that Money is not true wealth. Why is that? Because no amount of Money can buy you a new arm or leg, nor can it buy you genuine affection or true acceptance by others or yourself. Money can’t buy you lasting self esteem, loyal friends, true love or creative drive. All these are true expressions of wealth yet there is no way to buy them!
An abundance of money as many of you will know from personal experience, in many cases makes things worse. It can support the creation of false relationships making it very difficult to discover a sense of ‘appreciation’. With no sense of appreciation for others it’s difficult to develop a true appreciation for your self, with little true self worth, even with money, life is challenging.
No one is protected from “the seeds of their own unfoldment,” no matter how much cash they have access to…. Evolution is rarely comfortable or convenient… that’s simply a fact.

In my early thirties, I was the single parent of four children, living on social security, in Sydney in the eighties. I was studying magic and found myself intent upon finding the energetic keys to abundance so my kids would have something worthy to grow into.

I am impulsive and trusting which has led me to begin again, from zero on more than one occasion! Truly successful, wealthy people have the power to lose everything and start again a number of times before they really make it. I believe that’s because these are the individuals who have that extraordinary ability to forgive themselves and get on with applying the lessons learned through their failure. I am indeed one of these, we know how to realign our relationship with Divine Source and reactivate our creative drive.

So what is the nature of true wealth if it’s not money?
Freedom! The freedom to think for yourself. The freedom to discover what brings you true joy and uplifts your spirits and the time and space to act upon it. Freedom to be of service to others and make a positive difference on the earth in your own way.
Freedom from self judgment and guilt gives humans the energy and self worth to keep stepping up for the next dance…. out of breath and flushed with excitement … completely alive!

I believe true wealth is a combination of these freedoms: a healthy body, an inquiring mind, a fearless heart, a creative spirit that can access from The Divine Source and a well developed sense of humor…  These are the attributes of true wealth and will act as a magnet for money, allowing you financial freedom.

Let me think about this!
True Spiritual Force is an outcome of the same qualities! Is that not so?
A healthy body, an inquiring mind, a fearless heart, a creative spirit that can access from The Divine Source and a well developed sense of humor... that sounds like a Highly evolved, Spiritual Being to me!
So can you tell me why there is a judgment on wealth associated to people who engage in spiritual practices?

Blazing tales of wonder, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become, your sister through chaos and comfort, Shankari the Alchemist… blessings xxxx
PS: Of course there is much more to say, speak to you soon S x

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