money and God #3. so whats up with that?
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What is the upside and downside of your relationship between financial wealth and freedom?

FREEDOM AND WEALTH…can you have both?

What is “freedom” to you?
Freedom for the individual is a very new concept!
In the past the individual’s wishes had to be subservient to the family, because with no family you had “no place” in life. The family was not free because it was responsible to the community, and ultimately to the King or the Government. The family fortune could be wiped out in a heart beat by a jealous king…(obviously things haven’t changed that much).
To this day across most of the world people are judged and judge others by their family connections…be they humble or lofty, they represent our physical beginnings and placement on earth. Your identity as an individual begins in the context of your family background.

Although families are very valuable and essential at the beginning, social freedom (and most often financial freedom) is the outcome of independence. You must cut the umbilical chord on every level. Each of my children have had to do this to become independently wealthy.
It’s painful but essential to the experience of true freedom and joy.

Independence is the basic principle of the modern philosophy of mankind on earth.
We want financial freedom so we can be free from the manipulations of others…or so it would appear to the uninitiated! The fact is that as the individual climbs the ladder of financial success there are many freedoms lost along the way.
There is always a give and take in this polarized planetary atmosphere.
The ideal of “freedom” is not an old one but it’s a good one.
We all long for the experience of freedom. As an outcome of this longing, the world has changed greatly. There is more personal freedom available now than ever before. Solutions to whatever your challenges are at your fingertips; ranging from group therapy to government grants, the telephone and internet chat rooms, living through Second Life avatars, or joining a spiritual group. Anything and everything is out there. There are any number of ways to make money no matter who you are, where you are or what your true talents are.

To become financially independent and remain free is an expression of spiritual mastery!
I have discovered that to be free and financially successful takes an enormous amount of discipline, just ask Madonna. Do you know she runs six miles a day every day of her life no matter what the weather or the countryside provides as the backdrop? She does this so she is fit enough to put on the show that gives her joy, makes her millions and touches the souls of millions across the world through her music.
She does not feel that running is a burden, gives her no freedom and is a waste of time, because she is running for herself. Yes! Discipline is a gateway to success and she uses it with power and purpose.
So the key is in how you feel about what you do — not what you do. You may be living in the lap of luxury with every opportunity ahead of you and feel like a prisoner, or you may be living in abject poverty and feel like you are blessed.
It’s all about where you put your attention and how you interpret data. Freedom is a state of being and it does not depend on wealth. In fact, wealth is often such a burden to people that they feel less free with money than without it!
In the end we live in our emotional and mental bodies — these are the two we must convince of our success if we are to feel wealthy and free.

It’s that principle of “creating order gives you more space”!
Life in the third dimension provides finite space but that space appears to grow in size because our relationship changes it as we experience the outcome of order.
This is true for everything in life.
To become financially independent, people give up important areas of freedom and take on large areas of responsibility and discipline. It’s how you feel about them that counts!
Everything is ultimately always a trade!

You are human, you only have so much time, energy and concentration in each day.
Agree to be great — give up the fear and discipline yourself into freedom and financial abundance!

Blazing tales of wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…
Shankari xx
through chaos and comfort, ever evolving.


6 thoughts on “money and God #3. so whats up with that?”

  1. Aloha Shankari,
    Your views regarding personal freedom are indeed unique.
    As our planet expands in population and time is compressed as we hurtle toward the shift of the Mayan and Hopi propheises, we can continue to “control” our individual and global destinies or choose to accept ALL the B.S. (belief systems) as they keep humanity on a path toward a cosmic synchronicity of personal
    responsibility through actions of courageous kindness.
    Keep in the flow of your Alchemical wisdom and creating even more beauty.

    In Peace,
    Randyl Rupar

  2. This is so true and the path that I chose to pursue in 1987 when I left my childrens father and put my spiritual action plan into effect. I believe that we can change our reality through the Creator of All that Is…It is just being disciplined, as you say, about removing our limiting beliefs that hold us back from any spiritual and/or monetary prosperity and freedom, depending of course where you are on your learning curve within your earth’s journey as a soul.

    Thankyou. Your jewellery has been a huge help in my pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and my work. Never mind that your pieces bring light and smile to whoever is looking at them…

    Blessings, love and light xo

  3. I believe that freedom and wealth are intertwined. It’s about our choices.
    Isn’t that the way that God intended it?

  4. Shankari! I totally agree with you! You can have everything you set your mind to. You have only limitations when you feel limited. When you feel limited it’s a frame of mind. You choose to feel limited. Speaking from experience in this I choose to let go of the steering wheel and let God take over. It is extremely scary and fast paced and hectic but passionate. Your’e not stuck anymore and things are a bit overwhelming but you realize that it’s easier to let God take the steering wheel of your life and he knows the outcome and we all have such a divine life path if only we let go of controlling where we think it should go. You truly can have it all if you only “believe.” Sincerely, Sylvia

  5. Dear Shankari, it is so good to read your true! true! words. Since our meeting in Ljubljana I have spent all my money on creating order. Thank you again for your precious help. Glenda

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