I have been having a really wonderful time working in the garden here in Hawaii.

Recently I harvested enough purple sweet potatoes to feed an army… for a month… the tomatoes are in abundance and Avocado keep appearing in my kitchen , gifts from friends and neighbors who have too much.

Yesterday it was Mother’s Day…

I was feeling a deep sense of peace and pleasure, we had a picnic by the ocean down at Whittington Beach Park, with many friends and no family.  My kids are scattered all over the world, they can’t be dropping their lives to come here in person to say Happy Mother’s Day!…

I felt blessed since I had heard them already… it was a good day, we played music, ate local food grown organically and cooked with love…

That evening, with the ‘almost’ full moon over head and Venus hanging big and bright in the eastern sky,  I drove up to the new property on Orchid and Seaview, where I’m currently building accommodation for the Mystery School here in Hawaii.

I sat in the stillness. It was around 4am, the sun just starting to light up the sky… the air  cool and sweet smelling, the birds awakening with the light and commencing their morning ritual of singing the sunrise into the consciousness of the world.

As I sat in the semi darkness, I became more and more filled with what felt like effervescence… soon finding myself with tears pouring down my face and the revelation that

I was experiencing pure joy!

No one ever really explains what joy actually is because it’s a feeling… and like a color… a feeling is experienced by each of us differently.

As far as I can tell, I was in complete joy, filled up and overflowing with the love of The Divine Mother of All Creation, the life force of the universe…

A few moments later I had a download… a living vision… a daydream at dawn… whatever you want to call it….

As clear as day, I saw a temple built for the Divine Mother and a garden all around growing food, in the front was a beautiful kitchen and we were making wonderful soup from all the food and feeding the poor of the district.

It came to me in a heart beat.  These exchanges with other dimensions are outside normal time and space…   and as a result, are always a little strange when they happen.

That’s why we have to learn to trust the unseen real… to know that we are not being overcome by a demonic force because we have suddenly lost control of every aspect of our experience. But rather in the ‘letting go’ we are ‘letting God’ show us how we can be most useful at the time.

So now I know my mission with that part of the land and the purpose for all the extra food we’re growing in the district… when I came back to real time I was so elated I floated home and fell asleep with a big smile on my face…

It is so wonderful to actually experience joy once again.
As we get older it’s easy to become afraid and get caught up in the mundane,  forgetting the joyful world of creativity open to us always. My teacher often said that “in every case, charity is for the giver not the receiver… never delude yourself!”

After thirty three years of life experience, since his class, I know he was right. I am very clear this vision was a gift and the instruction… an honor and a privilege.

There is no doubt — I want to create this for the joy and satisfaction the adventure will bring to me personally — the challenge it will provide my creative soul, and the pleasure I will get from helping others less fortunate, while gathering the community in acts of co-operation and self caring…

Why will I do it?
For the pleasure of my heart and soul and the experience of joy… the effervescent aspect of the God force that makes my eyes water and my heart sing.

Blazing tales of wonder,
remembering all we have ever been and are about to become.

Your sister through chaos and comfort,
Shankari the Alchemist
….in the garden of Eden, on the side of a volcano, at the end of the earth… playing the flute for the Queen of Heaven…

3 thoughts on “Joy”

  1. I love your blogs! It really helps me to comfortably move forward in my quest for spirituality and the divine goodness in this lifetime… Your ability to put words to feelings and impressions gives me confidence in knowing what I am experiencing is real.


  2. Thank you Shankari, my sister in chaos and comfort. The reminder of the joy of giving brings me close to you. May more experience tears of joy.
    Namaste, Marilyn

  3. Hi Shankari, your beautiful visions are a comfort & give me confidence that my 20 year dream will come true. The vision of a peaceful piece of land with trees animals & a healing centre where all can come to heal & find peace & love. Thank you, your sister in love & light Dale x.

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