Is money your friend?

Shankari under the cherry blossoms at Zengoji temple in JapanIs money your friend? Most people see money through very emotionally tinted eyes. Your core underlying beliefs are really your parent’s core beliefs this mechanism of survival is not often a path of abundance.

The way your parents felt about money is one of your underlying core beliefs that may be destroying your potential for financial success.

Discover your true relationship with money and adjust it to where it is in your true service. Not simply playing out the old patterns constantly “making yourself right,” that there’s not enough……. Time, space or money …… To keep you safe, give you rest or bring you true love. In fact it is not money that provides you with these things. This is the grand illusion of our life and times.

In all circumstances it is your ability to create and sustain good relationships with people, places and objects that determines your ultimate success and power to survive against the odds. The key is in retaining custody of your emotional body rather than allowing it to rule your every waking moment!

True power lies in your ability to adapt to new circumstances while being creative with the resources you have rather than complaining about what you don’t have.

Wealth is a frequency of Being. Love yourself enough to learn how to bring yourself to balance and stay flexible and strong under pressure. True wealth and freedom are experienced only when you are in a balance. Blessings from the winds of Hawaii Shankari xx

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