Helping others

I had one of those moments yesterday when I broke the rules!
The rule in question is the one about not offering help unless you are invited!

Power of BreathIt’s a very hard thing to do and it takes great discipline… To wait to be asked.
Especially if you feel love and concern for your fellow travelers on the journey of life.

Yesterday I blew it!

I walked up to a woman who was in serious emotional pain…
Her forehead was creased and scrunched as she said to me, “I don’t know what you are talking about… I am not angry or hurt…. Just a little sad! ”

She was furious with God… it was so obvious… if it had been a dog it would have bit me!
I quickly apologized for my mistake and agreed with her world view…
Stepping away quickly…
I was ashamed!

Have I learned nothing?
Am I so ignorant and foolish still? Apparently so!

She had good reason to be suffering.
She and her family are Christian Missionaries. I met them at a church meeting in Chiang Mai Thailand. Her husband had been kidnapped by Moslems in Pakistan.

He had been released only a week earlier….
Her husbands kidneys were exhausted and it showed in the dark rings under his eyes.
He was warm and obviously good at his job.

He was willing and interested when I suggested his adrenal system was exhausted and he needed support for his kidney function before he went out to fight that good fight one more time!

He was happy for the info… but his wife lives on that river in Egypt…De. Nile…

And I did not handle my own energy with enough reserve to be of genuine support to her.

I needed to ask her first if she would like my help and humbly accept her answer….

My heart goes out to everyone in dark emotional places because I have been there myself so often…

There is always light and dark….
Our job as genuine light workers is to respect the balance and be of true service to others from a place of genuine compassion and non judgment…

Blazing tales of wonder….. Still learning how to use my energy wisely….
To be continued…
S xx

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

4 thoughts on “Helping others”

  1. I know exactly what you mean! It happens to me as well. I think the hardest thing about it is that we have good intentions but we do not realize that we should not overstep our boundries until after we have done so, and then we feel bad, when we were trying to do good, yet if we had done nothing it would have been the time when someone would have wanted our help! What can we do besides sending love and light to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Perhaps we first need to learn to offer OURSELVES genuine compassion and non-judgement! In this way, working from the Inside – Out, we become the message and THAT is our true service.
    So be compassionate and non-judgemental with yourself. You came from a place of love, you chose to offer help and she just wasn’t in a place to receive it. That’s OK. Nothing is wasted, ever.
    With love & blessings,

    Anne Marie Burnett

  3. Hello. I have just come upon your site. I have a dear friend here in Tulum who works with your beautiful pieces. I am show casing her in an article for her amazing work as a Russian Gypsy card reader. I was researching and found your blog. I am hooked. Thank you.

  4. ….ich komme immer wieder gerne hier auf die Webside um mich zu inspirieren.

    Viele Ähnlichkeiten und Gelichheiten…. die Gefühle und Reinheit bringen mich an meine innere Reinheit und Freiheit – dafür Danke.


    PS: “Mein” Stein ist wunderbar, und ich entwickle mich täglich weiter….

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