I believe in Gardening!

I know that sounds crazy.

What’s not to believe?

Gardening is real, you don’t have to believe in it to make it true….

shankari's bali boutiqueWhat I mean is… when I look back over my life at the times when I have been the most depressed, or felt displaced, as a natural instinct I would work in the garden to soothe my soul…

Soon enough, I would be having such a good time, I would forget to be depressed and focused on what Mother Nature and I, were creating together.

I remember once being terminally depressed, looking out the window every day,  imagining what would happen if I threw myself out into the abyss… always coming to the conclusion it was simply not high enough and I would get to the bottom and look like an attention seeking fool…

After my worst day I simply had enough…

I ordered a ton or rocks and recreated my backyard.
I planted flowering trees and shrubs, succulents and daisies.
With every moment that my hands were in the earth, my mind was relaxed and my spirit began to heal.

In the end because I had focused my attention on the earth instead on my negative emotions, I had added value to my environment. I brought my mind to rest and my spirit found peace.

As an outcome, I grew more joyful every day. My family was happier and our combined energy began to grow in a new and creative direction.

If you want to ground all that negative energy you carry around… worry, anxiety, fear, grief, resentment, overwhelm, etc….

Take the opportunity to work in the earth…

If you want to set your spirit free…  grow some flowers, plant some vegetables… design a magical environment…

My gardens are all over the world now… I am pleased to say…
Places of peace and beauty…

That’s true Alchemy…

To take one group of energies and through the addition of something secret and special that only you … the alchemist… can provide, you have the power to change your world and the experience the world has of you.

You have the power to alchemize your own depression into a healing force upon the earth.

I am a garden Alchemist, not unlike Rebecca, as I have written about before…

To work with the earth is a blessing… through the gift of the Divine Mother we have the power to transform our world, one plant at a time….

To give up the need for self destruction and depression, transforming the energy into something of beauty and balance that then goes on to feed your spirit day in and day out… a reflection of your relationship with the Divine Mother of All Creation

Grow your own food if you can… it doesn’t take much to have a fresh salad available from your own garden every night….

Become your own healer, learn to ground your negative energy into the earth and have it return to you as Roses!

Why not?
It’s a lot less expensive than the alternative!

Blazing tales of Wonder, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become,
your sister through chaos and comfort,
Shankari the Alchemist

One thought on “I believe in Gardening!”

  1. There is an incredibly important link between nurturing a garden and healing ones mind, emotions, spirit or soul (which ever perspective seems more appropriate to the individual) that we are desperately overlooking here in the west / developed world. I have witnessed at least five people from very different walks of life, who have been stuck in serious and desperate mental states, (often lasting many years and involving quite serious dangerous cycles and difficulties) finally find peace and a source of healing to help deal with very terrible and dark depressions, through working in their gardens. Yet I never made this link, until reading Shankari’s blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on gardening.

    I am currently just over half way through my training as a post graduate psychologist and work as volunteer at a drop in centre run by a charity that helps people overcome challenging life circumstances. The gardening project the centre runs, works miracles, it has provided a much needed source of healing for so many in our community. I have spent years studying psychology, cognitive neuroscience, child development, genetics, neuropsychiatry and quite frankly any academic avenue that I felt would provide a greater understanding to help work out how to work towards aleviating the suffering that mental anguish inflicts. Yet the on reflection most effective thing I have come across is the connectedness that comes from nurturing a garden! There are some things that you can’t answer by searching through books.

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