Full Moon Inertia

There is a sub conscious phenomenon currently occurring on a planetary level…
It is shaping the activities of millions of people on earth.
What is it?

As I am sure you are aware, humans live in a polarized world, swinging from one extreme to the other in the constant search for meaning and purpose to our life here on earth.

We are pretty smart as a race.
We have mastered so many aspects within our physical world that we have begun to think of ourselves in a new way.
I believe it is a kind of cosmic conspiracy that has brought us to this situation…

One minute we were powerless, uneducated peasants…
The next we have access to the world through the internet.
Consequently we have developed a kind of NARCISSISM which has us saving the planet and the next moment…

Confronted with the truth of our powerlessness we are overcome with INERTIA…
Confronted with the reality of our circumstances we go into overwhelm and despair…
Soon after we swing back into saving the world….
I have this experience myself….

I have recently spoken to many who have a similar pattern…..
It comes back to self love (even if you are powerless and ‘wrong’ and Surrender…. Surrender to the Divine Plan with TRUST in the process.

The Divine needs our support, but not our ‘advice’ on how it ‘should’ be done!….
I am exploring my own emotional and mental…. Spiritual and Physical responses….
How are you experiencing this phenomena?

In Hawaii we celebrated the full moon…
The moon was aloft in the black velvet, cloudless sky.
The wind had dropped completely, in the stillness we could hear the roar of silence!
(The sound of the blood rushing past your eardrums)…
We were four women…
Representing mixed races of all ages… the child, the young woman, the mother, and the grandmother…

The power of The Divine Feminine…
We were greeted by Pele the Goddess of the Volcano and given the gift of clear sight….
We called all the elemental and angelic energies to align with the people healing and rebuilding in Samoa, The Philippines and Indonesia… the  Tsunami spirit has been hard at work tearing apart their world…. Preparing them for  re-creation….

In the process there is a lot of pain and displacement.
I wanted to use this powerful Moon in Taurus to carry hope into the hearts of those who feel abandoned…

From 2000 feet up the Volcano we sent this prayer out.
Focusing our intention for expanded love through the center of the Vortex in our earth grid then rippling across the oceans and entering all dark places on earth, in search of those sisters and brothers  in need of hope and light through the darkness of despair that follows such huge natural disasters…
This is the core of the meditation…

“Where there is despair
Let there be Trust in Divine Intent
Where there is chaos
Let there be evidence of Divine Order
Where there is darkness,
Let there be Light.
Where there is anger,
Let there be Peace.
Where there is sadness,
Let there be joy.

May this prayer filled with clear intent reverberate across the skies and touch all those in need with the Love of The Divine Mother.
So Be It… And it is So…

This is the core of  our communal prayer.
I felt it flow from our circle of women…
Servants of the Divine Goddess of All Creation ….
Out into the Islands then across the oceans and into every dark place on earth….
Let me know if you felt a shift of any sort!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with all of you and experience  our family of Light expanding across the planet and through dimensions.
Blazing tales of wonder,
Remembering all we have ever been and are about to become…… S xxx


3 thoughts on “Full Moon Inertia”

  1. Shankari! I would love to come see you in Phoenix. I’m just trying to set up an account with facebook now. Please forward the Address where you will be and where I can get tickets. Loved your article. It is truly inspiring! Love and Light and blessings to you! Sylvia

  2. Wow, The prayer is simple and beautiful it reminds me of a ST. Francis of Asisi prayer. I too will keep sending out prayers in this manner. Thank you once again Shankari!!!!!!!!

  3. beautiful prayer, I needed to read your blog today. I just felt a dark force leave my head. How is the permaculture garden coming along in Hawaii?

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