The Fig tree

Have you heard of Findhorn?

…an alternative community living in Scotland in the 70’s who activated the earth spirits to help them in their gardening pursuits in the snow…. Ultimately surprising everyone by growing 70 pound cabbages in the freezing fields…
A very similar thing is happening here in Hawaii….

There is little rain, strong winds and not much earth… despite this my garden has taken on a new and amazing personality… growing everything in rapid time with ‘amazing grace’ …

Shankari June CollectionThe Fig tree is one of the most touching… a gift from a friend a few months ago it stands only about 8” or 20cms tall. This little tree has been through the wars… so small it has often been trodden upon by ignorant bystanders and even sometimes by well meaning friends who simply didn’t notice it…. No matter what I said or did it seemed to always be ‘in the way’…. So I moved it to the place I felt it would be safe from ‘helpful’ feet… not far from the Mermaid sculpture, in the front by the entrance to the meditation space… I asked the fairies and earth spirits to take good care of it and then I ‘let it be’… for the past 2 weeks I have not thought of it….

Until yesterday, when I had some friends over from the mainland and I was showing them our progress… all the amazing miracles in the garden… and then there it was…. The fig tree standing proud and strong, with one leaf and one fig the size of a large grape… and growing!
It gave me hope for all of us… it showed me once again that miracles happen and we are designed to survive and succeed… with enough rest and recovery time anything is possible….

It’s a miracle… true evidence of Divine Intent…
I believe it is indeed a symbol of our power to re-grow and change our ‘m.o.’ in service to the earth and her people…. When all else fails remember the fig tree… we all have the power to bear fruit and be of service to each other… now it is time to exercise that power in service to our world

figtreeI had a wonderful teacher once who would often say…’when the mind chatters, make the body work” for this reason I am focusing my energy on building a temple for ‘The Divine Mother of all Creation’ and an associated food garden and soup kitchen for the poor of the district of Ka’u on the southern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii.
I know from personal experience …. When all else fails, if you have the opportunity to wash your body, meditate in a clean, dry, safe place, eat a warm meal and have the experience of someone caring…. You can survive and ultimately succeed against the odds. I want to provide that for my local community here in Hawaii… just as I did for that Fig Tree!

Through the ‘bush telegraph’ we are hearing horror stories everyday… eye witness accounts on the mainland where there are tribes of homeless people living in their vehicles… ‘moved along’ by the local community everywhere they go… armed and becoming more frantic and desperate every day… when you have lost everything that ever mattered to you… anarchy is the next evolution. Civil war soon after…

I do not want that to happen in my district here… so I am preparing for the future, with food gardens and meditation rooms…this is what I can do…. what can you do?

4 thoughts on “The Fig tree”

  1. The Fig Tree senses your radiance and responds by returning your love and generousity with new growth. Your light in Ka’u is beaming into some of its darkest corners. Maholo

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with The Fig Tree. I hope it’s possible to share a tree picture with us. A Love Hug. Adriana

    Thanks Adriana, we updated the post with a picture of the fig tree… xxx S

  3. Dearest Shankari,
    This beautiful fig tree is amazing. Look at it, it looks like a little person, the fig being the head, and the leaves stretched out like arms expressing the joy of being alive. Your love and care for this sweet little fig tree along with the endless love, care and support of mother earth has nourished it deeply allowing it the magical gift of life. Soon, it will bear more fruit and then it will enjoy the gift of giving, the greatest gift of all. Isn’t that just the way it is for us too. When we are nourished and cared for, we have so much to give. Thank you so much for sharing this, and I love this little fig tree and you too!!!

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