Miracles from the soup kitchen… feed the world with Shankari…

I have been away from Hawaii for months…
I have a lot of diverse interests and responsibilities.

On my return to the islands I went up to Orchid Parkway for a quick look, to see if everything had survived my absence, before I collapsed into my need for rest.shankari_garden1

I was completely jet lagged and a little delirious from exhaustion that first afternoon as I scurried from the fig tree to the orange trees, Loquat, Avocados and the corn — it was waste high in the center of the first sacred circle I have built on the property… all was well.

I went on down the hill, home to my place, to finally have a good rest.

Today I finally returned to begin to work once more on my vision for a sacred garden and a soup kitchen set up in service to the local community.
When I arrived, I was astounded to discover that while I have been traveling and agonizing over the fate of the world… the sweet corn was growing! This is a miracle!

The corn is growing in about 3 inches of earth on a lava slab in the desert of Ka’u County Hawaii.
This doesn’t sound amazing but think of the miracle that happens every time you plant a seed of any sort!

The sweet corn is laden with ‘ears’ — which is an interesting metaphor under the circumstances… and these ears are as sweet as you have ever tasted!

Metaphorically the work of feeding the community has already begun… the builders told me they have been happily eating from the source since I have been gone… in service to the community… does mean everyone!shankari_garden2

I am sooo excited by the project… and willing to share the dream with whoever comes my way and wants to contribute with love and compassion… I have a dream that the soup we make will be the most delicious and healing soup in the world!

The corn, the figs, the tomatoes… there is evidence I have already enrolled help from the Fairy Kingdom and the Angelic realm… miracles appear every day…

Perhaps you will be my next miracle?

If there is anyone out there who would like to join in the fun please contact Lily here in the Hawaii office at 808 929 7564 or send an email to feedtheworld@shankari.com

I will be happy to do work trade if you want to holiday in Hawaii at the Mystery School and use the gifts and skills God gave you, in service to the greater good… beyond religious persuasion, come along and have some fun with us as we execute a green revolution.

Anyone skilled in perma culture gardening techniques is very warmly welcomed…
I am tired of doing it alone and it’s time to stand up and ask for help.
Please help me… there I have said it!

Love and blessings
Blazing lightness… S xxxxx


One thought on “Miracles from the soup kitchen… feed the world with Shankari…”

  1. This is a wonderful post. It really brightened up my day. I am truly in awe of everything you do, WOW.

    Reading this made me think of Vivienne – she sent us a story about meeting a woman while working at a food bank in Reno, Nevada. She had this moment where she realized “wow, that could be ME”. It really reinforced for her why she does the work she does.

    Check it out at the link below and give her a vote if you like the video. Thanks and have a great day.


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