Leave the door open for change… but never give up!

Life is an amazing dance…
And like all good dance, there is structure; but what makes it so special and different and your own, is the level and quality of personal  improvisation within the form.

Shankari's Bali RetreatTwenty years ago I arrived in Bali to start living my vision… to make jewelry to empower the ‘light workers’ of the world.

I have struggled from the beginning…
I have had no training in this life, how to run a business… I have never been to school to find out how you are supposed to do this ‘properly’!  In the long run I feel this was of benefit to me.

Under these circumstances… because I had no ‘box’, I was expecting everyone else to fit into, I was open to new thought and new ways of doing things.
Since my arrival in 1988, I have been creative in all my endeavors.

The company of over 100 souls, runs itself because I have built it on the model of Social Business.

This means, my aim is to empower people; educate and encourage creativity and responsibility within the group and always remember it’s about the quality of our life, not the state of our profit margin.

I have never laid people off in times of crisis… and there have been many!
I have lived through the ousting of Suharto (A dictator for 42 years), the financial crisis that devalued the currency overnight and had us all in a spin, the election and consequent riots of the first new leader since Suharto…

I have married, given birth and divorced since I have been here… and more recently there was the bomb the year after 9-11-01 and the recent bomb in Jakarta… all acts of powerless men craving attention for their cause…

What have I learned in thinking about the last twenty years?Shankari's Children

I love my family.
My children and my family of Talismans of Power.
I feel honored and blessed to have been a part of their life for so long.

I know they love me as unconditionally as I do them; we are blessed to be in the dance together.
I believe this is the energy that shines through all our work together and why the value of what we produce will continue to grow in the future.

This knowledge keeps me healthy and emotionally balanced where ever I am in the world… to know I am loved… and will be protected against the dark night should that moment arrive.

Shankari's Talismans of Power familyTo go to sleep at night, knowing we are still a family of light despite the dark times surrounding us… keeps a smile on my face.

Despite the current challenges, all the gang are smiling. As we were preparing for the party, we were completing the prayers for Saraswati, the Goddess of Beauty, music, wisdom and jewels…. it was her sacred day and all my staff and I spent the morning praying in the garden by the temple… it was a sublime experience and reminds me of why I came here and why I will never give up and run away…

This is an important part of my personal commitment to my extended family in the third world. Their safety, joy and evolution is just as important to me as my own or those of others in more salubrious locations.

Life is a brilliant adventure… and for those whose hearts hear the music, the tickets are free for the dance…

Blazing tales of wonder…. S xxx

3 thoughts on “Leave the door open for change… but never give up!”

  1. What a lesson of life¡¡ I feel completly in rapport with your commitment with Universe. I hope I`ll increase my own faith in myself and give up my fears¡¡¡

  2. Thank you for sharing a wonderful evening in Bali celebrating 20 years of Talismans of power. Congratulations for all of your commitment and dedication to your truth over the years, it brings us strength and inspiration. We are truly blessed to work with your life transforming jewellery in our personal lives and in our business. We wish you many new opportunities & beginnings for life, work and creations. Love and Peace always Sarah Jade & Olivia

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