Ecstatic Dance

The intent for change I expressed on New Years’ Eve seems to be bearing fruit already!
My intent is to change my patterns of my behavior so that I may expect something different (perhaps a miracle?) in my future, rather than rehashing the why’s ,how’s,and who’s of the past. I want to bypass all of the boring conversation and just get on with it!

Sooo…I accepted an invitation to awaken very early and travel to the other side of the island!


To perform the ceremony and invocation opening the New Year -Full Moon energy of the Ecstatic Dance Group (about 200 people  arrived for the opening-gasp!) Believe me when I say, this was breaking my patterns – I am nocturnal to the extreme. I usually perform ceremony at night, not mid-morning, after a 2 hour drive!

The outcome of meeting this challenge head-on and disciplining the voice of my indulged inner child that wanted to stay in bed because “I don’t do daytime ceremonies….I am useless in the daylight-why did I agree to such a challenging activity-I must be crazy!”
Ignoring those complaining voices in my head I made the journey with grace, supported by my two wonderful escorts Donny and Kirk from Crystal, who came to share our Christmas/New Year celebrations at the Mystery School in Hawaii, from San Francisco.

The Celebration  and Invocation were a great success at the Ecstatic Dance Venue by the ocean,surrounded by the scents and colors of the Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha (sharing our Ha- Breath), triggered something new inside my own soul.
I consciously felt a shift in my own energy and my destiny path became a little clearer and easier to comprehend.

Change creates Opportunity-it’s up to us to qualify the change and the opportunity in our life and act upon it in service to the Earth. From this new place of being we perceive in a new way. We are aligned in a new field of energy that consequently attracts new experience.

Yesterday upon our return from this unconventional date with Destiny, the evidence was immediate that things had changed for the better. There was along list of phone calls from people offering their support for the Mystery School. (I have often felt burdened and overwhelmed by the isolation of my role and my strong sense of duty and loyalty will never let me quit….so, suddenly people are offering to help!

The final wild,amazing moment of this day of change came just before midnight. A knock at the door is a rare thing out here on the Lava Desert at the end of the Universe….
It was my favorite musician, who struggles constantly with self-loathing, and that tragic pattern of today’s disenfranchised youth who live by the code of

“Poor Me…F@#k You.”

He had come to apologize…a very rare and amazing evolution…something I thought would never happen! Now we can play together again and open up to anew level of creative expression.

Change your personal patterns (what you put out there in the world that represents you) and be ready to deserve to be heard, you deserve to be supported, and you deserve to feel loved. Yes, yes, yes!!!

Blazing tales of wonder,

Remembering all that  we have ever been or are about to become,

Your Sister in chaos and comfort,

Shankari The Alchemist

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  1. I love you Shankari! Your words are wise and very loving. My current walk is being a Spiritual Counselor and serving Spirit in a higher and greater way. You are one of a few of my mentors as I receive much insight and love by visiting your website. Thank you for all you do.

    Peace and love to you in the *Light*,

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