Lessons I receive from the Earth

Have you ever noticed that the energy and actions we take in our lives are constant metaphors for the larger world around us?

And in some way more clearly describes what’s going on inside us than our words can speak.

I am in Hawaii, it’s the last day of Spring and there’s ‘dead wood’ every where… on the ground, still connected to the mother trees, old stumps… there were dead cars all over the lot, happily it’s clear now… removed over the past month by a blessed man named Aaron, who is providing this service as a gift to the community… now its just dead wood… twigs, branches, logs, and piles of dead leaves…. everywhere…

I’m collecting it in bundles to throw into the volcanic crack in the earth nearby for compost… I am feeling wonderful.

It’s tedious work, I wear big thick gardening gloves so my hands are not ripped apart by the sharpness of the bark… and close my eyes as the leaves fall and the twigs stick in my hair. I have thick socks to prevent the bugs from feeding on my ankles and sunglasses to prevent eye damage from the dust and funk that’s falling from the trees as I clean them and myself of ‘dead wood’ and prepare for an abundant harmonious future.

I am feeling lighter and lighter as the sunlight pours into the garden… the orchids have already begun to flower.

The sense of death and abandonment is lifting from the environment with each bundle of dead wood. I am changing with each bundle…  my life, I am clearing out the ‘dead wood’… I feel it in every cell of my being.

I’ve concluded that everything in my life I can describe as ‘dead wood’ must become useful! It’s not a matter of abandoned or denial, but rather of integration, inclusion and the alchemization of all my resources into useful service to the earth … Useful, that is my quest, to find all the ‘dead wood’ zones in my whole life and alchemize them into resources.

Through breath, art, meditation and creativity all the answers are given in the stillness.

I have affirmed this over the past few days in the garden on the corner of Sea Breeze and Orchid.
I began this project thinking it would be hard to love because of the rubbish… piles and piles of rubbish, like a microcosm of the world…

Then I realized that everything is really useful if put in it’s rightful place… it’s not that I don’t have enough resources, its that I have to be creative, rearranging and reactivating the resources in a different way.

This applies to my physical resources and my spiritual resources. The old rotting stumps are not rubbish… they are perfect for growing orchids… and the twigs and tiny branches burn hot and clean in the barbecue … there is plenty of space to create a good compost heap and grow lots of food.

There is already an orange tree a beautiful pineapple and Chinese Gooseberry bushes laden with fruit. I have planted three mulberry trees, a coffee tree, a Loquat tree, gardenias, spring onions, parsley, spinach, and phenyl… oh yes and three fig trees and two Jacarandas… one either side of the driveway.

Today some friends helped and we built a barbecue out of local stone called po’hoi’hoi… beautiful word isn’t it… the Hawaiians have as many words to describe rocks as the Eskimos do snow! (About 25 words)I think that’s it for today.

Blazing tales of wonder, remembering all we have ever been and are about to become.
Your sister through chaos and comfort
Shankari the Alchemist

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