Doing it with the Divine…why you should go there!

I am writing “Doing it with the Divine…why be a beggar for love”, for everyone who loves freedom, great orgasms and self-sufficiency.

For the liberated men and women of today.

You’re my audience, the healthy, intelligent, informed man and woman who want to use what you’ve got to make a difference in your life, to your family and your world.

We have inherited a world that despite it’s faults is far more free and fluid than the one our parents and grandparents occupied.

It’s been a long time since Ed Sullivan was only allowed to have Elvis on his show on the condition the new ‘sex symbol’ was not filmed from the waist down… considering the satanic wave of promiscuity in women this was supposed to set off in society!

They never mentioned how Elvis might affect the men in the world audience who immediately wanted to emulate all of his qualities.
Why do you think you were never told all about this? Because it’s dangerous information.

It changes the picture socially and spiritually.

Many ancient religions teach that women cannot become enlightened. They must be in service to men so successfully that God allows them to come back in their next life as a man in order to get enlightened. Doesn’t that sound funky to you?

One of the missions Jesus had was to change that belief. He wanted to convince the world of two new ideas. Yes that’s right, only two new philosophical principles set Jesus apart from all his predecessors.

Two provocative new ideas… that were so seditious they got him killed and changed the future of the earth forever.

The first is Forgiveness. Very seditious idea when revenge was all they knew… a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye… Revenge was the accepted rule of law before Jesus!
Shankari Dolphin Wand
The second is Equality. Yes, that’s the worst one!

The idea that before God all life is equal!

…No matter what color you are or sex you are or rank you hold in the world of man, all life is important and equal in the eyes of God.

This is what gave Jesus his edge… his seditious remarks regarding the equality of slaves and women and children in the eyes of god and that God is not fooled by a whole lot of pomp and circumstance… God does actually know what is going on behind the scenes.

Christianity is a religion that over time split into many different sects.  St Augustine, a terrible womanizer in his youth who could not control his sexual urges is responsible for the terrible attitude of the church toward women. As he became older Augustine regretted all his wildness and wrote prolifically and convincingly that women were put here to tempt men into sinful behavior.

The only way to protect yourself from sin as a man was to control the wanton ways of women by restricting their every movement, keeping them “barefoot and pregnant“ until their death from over-work!

It took the Christian world five hundred years to work through the accumulated effects of St Augustine’s guilt, sense of powerlessness and self loathing. Now we are socially expressing those profound words of Jesus …

“In the eyes of God you are all loved equally”…

This is not to say God wants everyone to be the same in order to please the Divine… we are not the same.

In fact we are all of us unique sparks from the Divine Fire.

We can be similar however each of us is on our own unique journey back to ‘the source of all life.’ We are expressions of the Divine Fire, each of us far more powerful and useful to the world when we are in touch with that essence within us that is closest to the Divine… Kundalini, the access point for communicating with the Divine that everyone in the world can find and use in service to the peace and prosperity of the earth and her people.

I trust you will enjoy the journey as I guide you in discovering new worlds of pleasure and Divine Connection that is literally available at your finger-tips!

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2 thoughts on “Doing it with the Divine…why you should go there!”

  1. The “Doing it with the Divine” was awesome to read. To actually open your inner thoughts to a level of expanding your freedom of the mind was exhilarating to me! I am looking forward to May 1st and hope to expand my mind outwardly as well. With Love and Light to you Shankari and thank Cainan for sending it to me. Truly Inspiring!!! Sylvia Trainor

  2. Looking forward to reading your book in its entirety. Re Jesus and his ‘equality’ lessons, in reading about the making of your beautiful gold jewelry the descriptive sentences state “…smiths reside in-house (at Bali)…Some of the original smiths and there sons are still working with us today”. Were all of the original smiths male? Do none of them have daughters? Are these ‘daughters’ or other women involved in your jewelry making? Do the silver and gold smiths pass on their craft to the young women in their famiies?

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