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Hi, how are you?

Shankari in her Hawaii GardenI am really excited about the new book I am writing. It is about self satisfaction in the truest form. I have found life to be interesting and intriguing since my divorce but I have not met in all the years I have been separated from him, a single man who touched my fancy sufficiently to seek sexual satisfaction through coupling with him.

“I have on the other hand resurrected one of my more unusual skills from my youth and always been very sexually satisfied. Women are not naturally driven by the need for sex alone.”

Because women are relationship oriented, for a woman to truly enjoy sex she has to believe it is part of a relationship. It may not be a relationship leading to marriage but it must have a level of truth attached to it for intimacy to truly flourish.

Men on the other hand have the ability to completely compartmentalize experiences and have no trouble with sex outside relationship. (Maybe not all men, but certainly the ones with high levels of testosterone that are the most charismatic to women. These would be the Fire/Earth elements).

We are all going through a changed experience just now and the economy is making everyone nervous. I am writing this book to bring a level of peace into your life. No matter what…

“The right to self pleasure is yours.”

There is no reason to feel alone and unloved. There is no one who can abandon or abuse you but yourself. It is time for all people, men and women to act out all their sexual fantasies with the Divine Lover and feel whole and complete when they step out into the world.

There is no excuse for sexual frustration any more! Throughout history the church has tried to curb the sexual expression of everyone under their control.


There is no evidence to support the idea (as the church had people convinced) you will grow hair on the palms of your hands or go cross eyed because you take the time to please yourself.

Why would you take the time to please yourself? When you feel sexual satisfaction you hold a certain frequency that alerts others to your condition. Consequently you are protected from poor decisions you might make from neediness. …you not at the mercy of others.

To be your own source is the ultimate freedom.

This is a gift you can give yourself that will fill your spirit and release great power into the world. It is up to you to harness this power with your intent and send it to the places in your life that need it most.

This is an aspect of organic magic rarely discussed. I look forward to lifting the veil on this secret subject and sharing the gifts with you. One of the aspects of human life is that we are not all the same.

“We are each unique. Within our uniqueness there are groups or ‘elements’. Understanding the elements gives us the information we need to understand the world around us and why people act as they do.”

To know and understand the elements is to give up judgments on others. Once you understand your own nature and that of those around you though this ancient information life will become a lot more of an adventure and a lot less of a trial

During my workshop series “Rhythms of Life” I teach the basics of “ The Elements” and my students are always amazed how perfectly people follow the behavior and values of their element. Many mysteries unfold within my workshops, I hope you will come and join me soon….

Bali, Tonga with the Whales… Big Island of Hawaii… Life is full of adventure…

Surrender to the flow, allow yourself to live in joy, love the Divine Consort and celebrate who you are and what you are here to do!

Blazing Tales of Wonder remembering all we have ever been and are about to become,
Your sister through chaos and comfort.
Shankari the Alchemist.
S xxx.

3 thoughts on “Divine Consort”

  1. WOW! I need to hear the beauty of love and the truth of my love because I suffer from a fear of being hurt by my love. The reason is because I put time, energy, investment, praise, gifts, time! I am betrolled when I am unrecieved by my love. SO of my life energy is given to my love, and then I feel hurt because it is not enough. I am confused what is enough? How to charm the serpent and I realized that I didn’t want to play with serpents because they bite. However a kind, gentle, visionary. With love, grace, and understanding will recieve and grow in love. Nothing to fear, no tears. Perhaps if any of joy, in a new journey, and healing, Noble.
    Heidi l. schraufnagel

  2. Shankari

    So good to hear you have found the love of your life.! You make us all feel there is hope for the soulmate to come in. I have had seeral relationships but in a short time I find they are not my soulmate, although time and combined interests create the relationships to stay for a much longer period of time and ofen with much stress and unhappiness to both partners. I am a giving person and usually take the load. Now if I get into another rlationship I would like it to be with a spiritual person, more celibate/completely celibate is easier even… than sexual and of a spiritual degree of Master so that I can serve his spiritual cause to help humanity and be in his presence and light and serve the higher needs of relationship. I am not old but sexual relationships for me have turned into disasters and so to find the new way for me to grow with someone may be best, although sexual relationship is fun!

    Keep us all posted about your new love. i am sure he is wonderful and very lucky to have you for a partner.


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